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The national minimum wage (NMW) in the UK is a national slavery industry, I remember it being hailed as a good thing when it was implemented but now older and wiser I see it as legitimizing forced labor in the private sector. I know many will say that I am focusing on the negative or over exaggerating the effect of the minimum wage but lets just break it downMan digging through the word poverty

  • Minimum Wage is £6.02 per hour worked
  • average week is 45 hours
  • That is a wage of £1094 per calendar month before deductions
  • So on Minimum Wage your likely to take home £750 roughly after Tax and NI
  • The Average Rent is £500-600 a month and travel £100-150

I am very fortunate at never having to have worked on minimum wage due to the fact that I was able to fall into a trade from school and by the time the NMW was introduced I was already earning £15,000 which was considered a good wage at the time, but many here in the UK are not so fortunate and end up working in retail and services which is largely minimum wage.

On paper the concept of forcing the employer to pay a minimum wage looks like a good idea but there were two unforeseen consequences by the original policy makers

  1. No effort was made to look at the cost of living and implement a minimum wage for each county/town so that in some areas people did well and in others people lost out.
  2. and two the NMW allowes companies to keep wages in areas artificially and unethically low while taking all rights under the law for the employee to question the set wage.

A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Any politician that blindly defends the NMW should be forced to live on it for 6 months with no outside interference and I am sure we see them struggle even more than the average poor person is forced to live for the rest of their lives this would allow the policy makers to get a taste of their own medicine.

But it truly is a shame that this kind of situation has even arisen and even worse that the basic problems have not been sorted over a decade after the NMW was first introduced if we had policy makers that actually knew the plight of the poorest in our society blogs like this one would not exist.

In the next couple of years we are going to see the Tories making even deeper cuts into government spending and in response to this local authorities are guaranteed to increase taxes to keep their over inflated budgets and salaries rising well above inflation while the people at the bottom are on the verge of starvation.

Keep the National Minimum Wage or Get Rid Of It

So what am I advocating do we keep the National Minimum Wage or Get rid of it well above I pointed out some basic and serious flaws but nothing fatal that could warrant the legislation being removed no what is suggest is

  1. Amend it to be a Local Minimum Wage based the local cost of living
  2. Have it increase every year at the same percentage of the growth of GDP if negative then at 1% above inflation.
  3. Increase the tax threshold to £16,000 per year

This would go a long way to helping the people at minimum wage level increase their living standards as well as help the economy with as more people with disposable income will allow more spending and reduce the burden on the welfare state. On a final not I Man stacking shelvesthink that companies who decide to lay off staff because of the company losing money should have to prove that they are falling into negative income rather just just slimming their profit margins.

I think its disgusting that a company can lay thousands of staff but still make £20 Million pound profit to pay share holders as we have seen year in and year out since 2007. We should implement simple changes to the legislation to make the national minimum wage a national pride not the slavery that it currently is.


Osbourne Is As Clueless As Ever

George Osbourne the chancell0r of the exchequer today went onto the BBC Andrew Marr show and showed the country just how far from reality he is. He claims that the economy is healing and that we are on target to clear our

George Osbourne

deficit firstly our economy has had negative growth so far this year and our deficit has gone up not down so Mr Osbourne please tell me where you get your ridiculous idea that we are in a good economic position.

I am beginning to realize that Andrew Marr show is place for politicians to go and justify their actions with little or no interference from the media as Andrew Marr seems either unable or unwilling to challenge the idiotic statements put out by the leaders of our country. This is not a good thing because the media is supposed to challenge and debate on our behalf as the likes of the Prime Minister or the Chancellor would never be allowed to debate in an open forum because it would show just how little they know and how weak their policies are.

In regards to Osbourne he shows his mentality when making statements like “If there was a quick fix, or an easy road, I would be the first on it. There is no alternative easy road.” Firstly he admits that he doesn’t know what to do and is being forced down the path he is on and would prefer an easy life otherwise known as being lazy and secondly he says there is no alternative easy road but he fails to mention that there is an alternative hard road.

The other hard road is to force banks into lending by demanding the tax payers money back with interest if they do not loan and allow the rotten institutions with the bad debt fail. Reduce the size of government and reduce taxes to give people more disposable income to allow more spending. Reduce house prices by forcing Buy-To-Let owners to sell their properties and then follow this with massive investment into rebuilding heavy industry in the middle and north of England.

In the Mail on Sunday George Osbourne was quoted as saying “A key part of recovery is building the houses our people need, but a familiar cry goes up: ‘Yes, we want more housing; but no to every development – and not in my back yard’. Well Mr millionaire Osbourne (4.3 million) how about we come and dig up your mansions gardens and build a highrise building and see how you like it, rather than making planning easier on poor people’s properties how about forcing any one with over an acre of land to give some up for housing development. I am sure the rich would object a lot more to having the government force build housing properties on their land.

The Osbourne Legacy

So what is he proposing to get us out the mess we are in, Less regulation in planning authorities allowing the building of more houses, Firstly he fails to understand that we do not have a shortage of houses, we have a shortage of available housing due to the buy to let market sucking up all the houses and forcing working class people into renting for life, so rather than tackle that problem Osbourne decides to allow development companies a free reign on building over our green spaces and bulldozing over local peoples objections in the name of profit.

From what I can see the Osbourne Legacy is one in which the low wage taxpayer will be forced back into serfdom by increased Chained hands in slaverytaxes to pay for the mistakes of the financial sector and the misguided attempt of the Conservative party to save their friends from financial ruin while financially ruining the rest us for generations. So not only will we be unable to live a decent life outside our increased working hours which are sure to be increased but we will be trapped in renting while our parks and woodland are built over to make way for new houses for the already better off middle classes of the UK. The Legacy proposed confirms just how George Osbourne is as Clueless as Ever.