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Choosing a niche

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Blog, health
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Choosing a niche

One of the hardest things I have found about blogging is finding a niche, finding what I want to write about and then continuously post about that subject. With so many things going on in the world I am finding it very difficult to narrow all that down into a niche.

The problem with bouncing all over the pace in your subjects means that your likely to get very little traffic and that kinda defeats the object of blogging, over the past couple of weeks I been mainly writing about politics and world current affairs but that’s a lot of doom and gloom but I know that when I move away from that I lose page views.

Despite this difficulty I do advise anyone to start blogging as it is a great to air your views and share your interests with the wider community and I do believe that once the Facebook bubble has burst people will return to these tried and tested means to share their hobbies and likes with the world.

If your new to blogging don’t worry if you are getting low page views or doing as I am doing and bouncing around the different genre’s because as time goes by you will not only narrow your blog to a specific niche but you will also get well known with that popularity will come page traffic.

Blogging Is Good For Your Health

This is not a scientific fact but something I personally believe in a fast and hectic lifestyle it is very difficult if not impossible to get time to wind down and I believe this is one of the key reasons why people in urban environments have such a poor mental health state. I think at one point or another every human has owned a diary usually in their teen years but as we get older keeping a diary seems a little silly or time consuming and therefore to be avoided but I think this is a mistake and one which can rectified by blogging not only is a type of diary but it can be very constructive and helpful to others.

But getting back to my point the importance of having a diary is that when you can not switch off your mind the diary can quickly become a great place to purge unwanted or needed thoughts to keep a clean and tidy mind and this can be an invaluable way to de-stress your self. It is this purging that can help keep your mind ticking over not to mention get your imaginative juices flowing this is also good for your mental health by stopping you from becoming stagnant cluttered.

I think that it is no accident that most people start a diary during their teen years as we all know that this the most unsettled and hormonal time in our lives and many of the things your expriencing as a teen are a mixture of exciting, new, scary and embarrassing and the diary can be nonjudgmental friend that listens to all and unless carelessly left laying around tells no one.

Blog Carefully

One piece of advice I would give to anybody is Blog Carefully just like the diary not everything you write will be digestable to others and outright upsetting for others. The biggest difference between the diary and the blog is that you write the diary for yourself as rubbish bin for unwanted thoughts and the Blog is a place to purge your thoughts for digestion of others and as anything put in the public space should you should be careful not to give the reader indigestion.

Regardless of what your blog contains always remember that the content is for people so write from your heart and make it people friendly, Your niche should be your baby and make you always keep it light and easy read.