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When looking at he European Union and the direction it has been taking for the past decade only the a person without an ounce of common sense could not have failed to notice that the EU has been heading towards a federal state and yesterday during the annual state of the union address the European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso officially called for a federal European state.

We have to ask why the sudden honesty and do the leaders of the EU think that Europe is ready to give up individual sovereignty in the face of the current financial crisis, unfortunately I think that the EU has called it right as many of the biggest countries such as France Italy Spain and especially Germany are willing to do just this.

State of the Union

You only have to look at the state of the union to see that something must be done both economically and socially, it was down to the nationalism of the European powers that resulted in two devastating world wars that wrecked europe and it this fear that brought the idea of a European Union into being.

In 195o the European Coal and Steel Community (ECC) was created to tie the European countries together and ensure that wars in Europe would become a thing of the past. In 1957 the Treaty of Rome was signed and this laid the foundations for the modern EU by creating the European Economic Community (EEC).Map of the European Coal and steel Community ECC

In 1973 a referendum was called in the UK and the British public was asked  “Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?” the British people voted 68% yes to stay in the EEC and this would be the last time the The British public would be allowed to decide their fate when it came to Europe.

The current state of the EU is mainly caused by the financial sector and its huge debts that governments thought was a good idea to push onto the tax payers of their respective states causing political rifts to widen enough to threaten the whole of the EU which has caused the new EU government to reafirm its position by making sure the timetable for its political coup is brought in before the whole system can collapse.

Collectivism Vs Individualism

The whole purpose of the EU was and is to create a common market in which all Europeans live a central run collective, so when we look at the EU and the future we have to look at the problem in the light of Collectivism Vs Individualism. Collectivism is the concept that we all live in harmony like were all from one big village but in order to achieve this you must first kill off nationalism and this is the role of social engineering through psychology which has been most successfully through the media.

Here in the west we have an extensive media system that uses TV, Radio and tcollectivism logohe Internet to bombard us daily with advertisements loaded with subtle hints all aimed at getting us to consume but not only this but to get us all to consume the same things and wear the same clothes, This is evident when you look across Europe and see major shopping chains selling very similar if not the same products in once very different countries.

What has all this got to do with politics well the short answer is that the closer our minds come to being the same in our private lives then the closer we are to a conscious connection and therefore will be more willing to accept loosely worded legislation that can fits across the whole of the EU effectively removing borders in our minds so they can be removed in the real world.

The opposite to Collectivism is Individualism this is the mind set that most people strive to achieve a sense of being the only one like you, the problem with this is that governing this type of population is very difficult as you would need different levels of legislation requiring local and regional governments and this would make global governance impossible. This mind set is seen as something of an enemy of the state and has been effectively stamped out in a way which tricks people into thinking that are individual when the reality is that majority of us live in a kind of uniformity and every year this uniformity is changed but is always the same as others in our society thus giving the impression of choice when actually there is none.

Another aspect of the individual mindset that troubles policy makers is the unpredictability of the individual resulting in a unpredictable population and this more than anything else is simple unacceptable to those who believe in long term plans as they are unable to plan effectively for the future. Blue box one indvidual and red box of a collective

Social freedom was something that the Soviet Union tried the best part of 40 years to destroy but even under the totalitarian control of the politburo this was not achievable and was the largest contributor to the final destruction of the communist state so it troubles me deeply that this is exaclty the model that EU seems to be following although this time it is being done via the fake label of freedom under liberal fascism.

Liberal Fascism

Over the past 60 years the people of Europe have become used to peace and social stability but this has come at German Reich eagle holding EU flaga cost and if Barruso gets his way that cost will eventually be total loss of sovereignty. Under the constant barrage of Liberal legislation being handed down in the name of a future European Federation the indvidual has less rights than our forefathers had before world war 2. I do not see this assualt on freedom to abate anytime soon and I predict that once are current heads of state become little more than legislators of a state rather than a coutry we will see an acceleration of this type of government mushroom.

Liberal Fascism is a smiley faced fascism in which the state controls all for the good of the people even if they do not want it, as the saying goes They’re doing it for you. We can see signs of this through the smoking ban and pro human rights laws that trump the rights of others or the newly formed anti-terrorism laws that allow individuals to be detained with little or no evidence on the premise that may in the future commit a crime.

The problem with this system is that it will always revert to tyranny at some point either in the near or distant future you only have to look at the thirties and forties to see this eventuality. Fascism does not mean racism like history has been written to make you believe Fascists seek elevation of their nation based on commitment to an organic national community where its individuals are united together as one people through national identity.  I don’t know about you but to me this sounds a lot like the European Federation’s vision.

Between Now And The Next Elections

The fact that this is now common knowledge means that behind the scenes the plan for the European Federation has already been set and we have between now and the next elections to get our leaders to hold referendums as soon as possible for the people to have their say on their future and the future of our children, I think that the process has been sped up because of France’s election of Francoise Hollande and his socialist pro EU stance the fear is now that the rest of Europe will be voting for leaders who are willing to stand up to the fiction that austerity will get us out of this financial mess.

I also think that between now and the near future we will start to see lots of pro EU rhetoric both from the media and our governments trying to convince us that the EU is the European utopia that they all want us to believe in. The main reasons for this are money the EU is an economic power house with the German superpower being the engine that drives us forward but this is all designed with central planning in mind and that is where vast moajority of the wealth will go to if you would like proof of this then read the European Stability Mechanism’s (ESM) mandate and you will see that once we have a central federal government they can activate this ESM and literally suck the states dry of capital making it impossible for them ever to escape the just like the US states are unable to break their unity.

Whats the Alternative

I know that I paint a bleak picture and I can hear you ask what’s the alternative to a European Federation, But this is exactly what the policies makers want us to think then we will have no choice but to stick together. But the truth is that we do have an alternative there is no reason why cannot have free  trade within Europe and return to our own currencies removing the Euro problem altogether and get rid of the European Union and return to creating our own laws with our own populations in mind but make sure that trade is controlled through European Trade Organization that can ensure we stay the economic power house that we are today.

European unity does not require a European Federation because if I know one thing from history is that today its united Europe tomorrow a united Asia and in the future a Global government. If this is what you envisage as good future then by all means promote the EU but if you think its difficult today trying to get your government to listen how hard do you think it will be when that government is not even on your continent.


Is Germany a Superpower

The definition of the word Superpower is – “A very powerful and influential nation” If we look at the modern German state we can indeed see that she is a very powerful nation and without doubt influential.

Dresden ruined

The question needs to be asked though as to how a nation that was little more than a smoking ruin in the aftermath of World
War two and even split into two seperate coutries for over thirty years was still able to come out on top as the undisputed European superpower.
To understand this we must first look at the political lanscape in the aftermath of the second world war. On the west side of Europe was a collection of bankrupted and gutted nations backed the emerging United States of America (USA) and in the east you had a power hungry lunatic known as Josef Stalin who had took his people from the verge of defeat to becoming the second super heavy weight of the world.
It was decided by the US and her allies that the threat of socialism was a bigger threat to the freedom of the capitalist regime than a newly rearmed Germany would be. This decision would see the largest infrastructure projects in world using billions of US dollars to show the people in east just how good living in west was.

Rise The German Phoenix

Above I explained some of the reasoning behind the decisions taken to rebuild what has been the single most destructive force in European history. Until 1990 it was seen as a good and prudent move to hold off communist expansion but then came the collapse of the Soviet government and with a new opportunity for Germany Reunification. The decision to reunify Germany was and is considered by many the right thing to do afteral but as we have seen many times in history the road to hell if often paved with good intentions. Since the reunification German’s have striven to undo much of the damage done in west Germany by the often brutal stasi and raise the living standard of western Germany in alignment with the eastern half and in doing this they have created a happy and contented work force who are willing to do the hard graft that has allowed the Bundesrepublik Deutschland to become the undisputed champion of the European market.
Euro currency signSince the introduction of the single currency Germany has seen a rise in prominence with Frankfurt being the home of the Eurpean Central Bank (ECB) and even more so since the financial crisis began in 2007/8 with Germany being the main financial backer for the currency although I am sure the Germans could not have forseen the 2007/8 what was coming they have done amazingly well out of the crash in regards to the fact that they alone are now the leaders of the once evenly distributed power system of the Eurozone. Amschel Rothschild once stated –  
Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws. 
This can also be applied to the European Union and probably even more so as the main problem with the Euro is that unlike most of the worlds currencies is that it is not backed by Gold and the country in the single currency with a largest Gold reserves is you guessed it Germany.

Merkel Warns Of WAR In Europe

Just before a EU summit to decide on a 1 Trillion euro bailout Angel Merkel stated “Another half century of peace and prosperity in Europe is not to be taken for granted. If the euro fails, Europe fails” was this comment from Merkel just saber rattling or was it a quick glimpse under the smiling mask however she meant it her point got across and the bailout was approved.
Merkel has long been an ardent defender of the Euro and rightly so because as the EU slips further into the German financial shadow the closer to a Federal European state we are getting. I have now seen from the private sector calls for Tax harmonization which would effectively mean that the new European Stability Mechanism or ESM a shadowy and extremely powerful organization would become the new central bank for all of the nations currently in the Euro.
Interestingly enough the very same year that the Euro went live as a stock market currency the German Bundestag moved back into the new completed Reichstag the building famously burned down by Hitler to secure his rise to power and not to mention that for the first time Germany has also become a member of the  United Nations Security council which could pave the way for legitimate rearming to fulfill its new obligations on the world security stage, now I for one don’t believe in coincidences but these are to big to simply ignore.
Which ever way the Euro goes whether manages to survive and makes a remarkable come back under the guise as currency for the newly formed European Federal state either based or strongly influenced through the newly built Reichstag or it falls and the EU fragments Germany will still find itself the central power once again in Europe if not the world. Unlike most of its neighbours Germany has a massive exporting economy and also is a well organized infrastructure with plenty of heavy industry to back it up which could allow it to rearm itself very quickly just as it did in the 1930’s.

Fourth Reich A National Issue

Hiltler posingIn 1918 Germany was finally defeated in the war that was to be known as the Great War or the war to end all wars and to stop this from happening again the League of Nations convened and harsh penalties were imposed on Germany in the Treaty of Versailles 1919, this included the dismantling of the Hapsburg dynasty, huge fines and also the prohibition of a standing army. This however served to cause much resentment and outright hostillity from the German public who bore the brunt of most the economic penalties imposed on the fatherland and with that allowed the rise Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party who promised social stability and the restoration of the German people to a place of prominence and By 1939 he had created a dictatorship and a bustling war economy giving the people of Germany back their dignity but this had all been turned to ruins through the six years of World War II in which the armies of the Wehrmacht fought on all sides for the supremacy of Europe and the Aryan dream.
 I am sure like myself many you reading this have grandparents who were children during the war and great grandparents who almost certainly fought or were in someway involved in the war effort and have heard many stories of glory and horror in equal measure, Well the German people have this also and they have in many ways a much more harrowing tale of defeat which included many instances of rape and murder of German citizens by allied forces which will have left its mark on the German psych not to mention the harsh economic difficulties imposed on them after the war and the outright brutality of the mass deportations of millions of civilians in western Germany to the far reaches of the USSR which were wrongly never publicly condemned or criticized by Allies.
I am not for one minute proposing that we will see a return of the swastika or the Hitler Youth but we must also remember that twice in the last century we saw the death of countless millions at the hands of German imperialism and we must be wary of Germans bearing gifts in form of financial help if we are to keep ourselves safe.
German Nationalism Last Man Standing
Germany is the financial backer of the Euro and the Greeks quickly learned this when they lost their national sovereignty in the form of a troika sent to oversee the Greek economy and effectively tell the Greek government what is can and cant do, this seems to me very similar to the Soviet model of having advisers that did more ordering than advising.
EU flag with german flag in center
Italy, Ireland and Spain are already being measured up for noose we have to ask are we going to see the same soviet style troika’s sent to these countries I for one cannot see why not seeing as it has been largely successful in Greece as far as the EU is concerned and how many more members of the Eurpean Union will have the same fate, I should imagine many of them if not all.
But this is not all plain sailing as we have seen in Greece the proletariat do not respond well to having their sovereignty removed from them by an unelected troika and quickly send a message through the polling booths by ousting the ruling party, We have also seen a major increase of Right-wing political parties of many western nations and as we continue to have our belts tightened by the ongoing economic crisis that seems to have no end and a politcal elite that seems to be so out of touch with the reality of the very people voting for them we will see a slide toward more reactive politics favoured by the right-wing parties.
All of this bodes well for Germany as it will only increase its position as the leader, and how is this so? well simply put it will be the most politically stable state in the Union and therefore more attractive for investors and thus making the nation and its people richer. People simply do not rebel when things are going well and this is Germany’s ace in the whole.
I for one do not know if this has happened by design or Germany is simply filling a  void reluctantly but Germany does seem to be destined for the top spot as two world wars have not been able to shake the foundations of this seemingly indestructible economic powerhouse, But I will be watching warily and hoping that our leaders are not asleep at the wheel as their predecessors were in the twenties and thirties all I can say is watch this space as we bear witness to the rise of the German Superpower and the birth of the European Federal state that seems to me inevitable at this point.