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Over the past few years the world economy has dominated headlines and if India and China are mentioned it is always about their economies but recently a news story was quietly put through and clearly shelved so as to keep interest to a minimum, this story was about India and China resuming military exercises together and effectively creating an Asian Union of self defense.

This would not normally get my attention if was not for the fact that the Chinese military spending hit over the $100 billion dollar mark and that the US has been quietly encircling the region for a few years now and the fact that western media have tried to gloss this over as routine. I think it is no accident that the two Asian power houses have decided to snuggle up to each other for the sake of security.

The world today is very unstable and I think on the verge of a seriousĀ  conflict in the middle east based around Iran and Syria, not to mention a possible world depression and if this was to happen the resulting chaos could lead to major disruptions in the worlds shipping and supply lanes and have serious implications on the far east.

I think however the real reason is that the far east has come to fear the US empire because of its unceasing military campaigns through out the world and the fact that the American military can easily outstrip any other technologically by at least a decade the Chinese and Indians have come to feel that only by showing that any war in the far east would be to costly to contemplate that they can remain safe from the unrelenting American foreign policy.

A Lone Giant

After the collapse of the Soviet Union the US was a lone giant in the world but unlike everyone else who began to dismantle the old cold war military establishment the US military expenditure actually grew and while the world spent money on social projects the US surged ahead with research and development of new weapons until in 2001 when the 9/11 attacks took place the United States was able to use its new toys in the real world.

Since then the US war machine has been unrelenting in bringing the world democracy whether it wants it or not and just when there was talk of packing up and sending the troops home the Arab spring arrives sending the American military machine into turbo once again allowing NATO to bombard Gaddafi into submission while rebel troops tore the country apart who then set up a pro western government and using American and British Oil companies to get the black gold out of Libya and onto the open market.

Obviously the lack of a counter balance for the US has resulted in the invasion of countries that were accused but at the time not proven to have been directly involved with a despicable terrorist attack that resulted in the deaths of thousands in the US but also the deaths of millions outside of the America and it would seem that China and India look to be trying to rectify this problem by combining two of the worlds largest military’s on the planet.

Asian Endgame

It still early days so the Asian endgame is not very clear but one thing is certain, the United States attitude to a states sovereignty is clearly not much concern to them if that state cannot defend itself. So it would seem to me that India and China are using the current anti US sentiment to cement local support for an Asian Union that could not only thwart US operations in the far east but maybe even reverse the tide of American influence in the region.

Another way of looking at the world is that the United States are effectively bankrupt and are only being kept afloat by its world reserve currency status, if this was to change and the US was to face collapse due food and oil shortages who in the world today are in the position of stopping them from taking what they need. And I think it is this mindset that has driven the Asian Union together.