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Big Numbers

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If you read a paper or listen to the news these days you will hear people talking about money in the billions and even trillions like its pocket change, now when I was growing up a million of anything was just to big to comprehend so when I hear things like someone is a billionaire I find it difficult to grasp the hugeness of that number.

I have decided to put these numbers in their number form and list them for you to see what I mean when I am talking about big numbers.

1 – one

100 – One Hundred

100,000 – One Hundred Thousand

1,000,000 – Million

1,000,000,000 – Billion

1,000,000,000,000 Trillion

1,000,000,000,000,000 – Quadrillion

In the UK the average low skilled worker will earn approximately £731,000 in their life time to put it another way that is 0.0731% of a billion not even one percent of one billion and we have a current national debt of £1.039 trillion.

Can you imagine what the public reaction would be if I was to put the headline:

UK DEBT HAS REACHED THE £1,000,000,000,000,000 TODAY.

I think that enormity of the number would be so big that people would simply disbelieve and I think this because we are being conditioned daily to accept without understanding big numbers, and this in my opinion is very dangerous for society as a whole as we will continue to spend into oblivion and doom not just our children but our children for the next 1000 years.

I am no mathematician but I think we need to all look again at our Global, National and personal debt and realize that this can not go on and that we cannot allow our governments to continue to print £1,000,000,000,000’s of pounds in quantitative easing that only serves to destabilize society as a whole and line the pockets of the top one percent of the global population.


When looking at he European Union and the direction it has been taking for the past decade only the a person without an ounce of common sense could not have failed to notice that the EU has been heading towards a federal state and yesterday during the annual state of the union address the European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso officially called for a federal European state.

We have to ask why the sudden honesty and do the leaders of the EU think that Europe is ready to give up individual sovereignty in the face of the current financial crisis, unfortunately I think that the EU has called it right as many of the biggest countries such as France Italy Spain and especially Germany are willing to do just this.

State of the Union

You only have to look at the state of the union to see that something must be done both economically and socially, it was down to the nationalism of the European powers that resulted in two devastating world wars that wrecked europe and it this fear that brought the idea of a European Union into being.

In 195o the European Coal and Steel Community (ECC) was created to tie the European countries together and ensure that wars in Europe would become a thing of the past. In 1957 the Treaty of Rome was signed and this laid the foundations for the modern EU by creating the European Economic Community (EEC).Map of the European Coal and steel Community ECC

In 1973 a referendum was called in the UK and the British public was asked  “Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?” the British people voted 68% yes to stay in the EEC and this would be the last time the The British public would be allowed to decide their fate when it came to Europe.

The current state of the EU is mainly caused by the financial sector and its huge debts that governments thought was a good idea to push onto the tax payers of their respective states causing political rifts to widen enough to threaten the whole of the EU which has caused the new EU government to reafirm its position by making sure the timetable for its political coup is brought in before the whole system can collapse.

Collectivism Vs Individualism

The whole purpose of the EU was and is to create a common market in which all Europeans live a central run collective, so when we look at the EU and the future we have to look at the problem in the light of Collectivism Vs Individualism. Collectivism is the concept that we all live in harmony like were all from one big village but in order to achieve this you must first kill off nationalism and this is the role of social engineering through psychology which has been most successfully through the media.

Here in the west we have an extensive media system that uses TV, Radio and tcollectivism logohe Internet to bombard us daily with advertisements loaded with subtle hints all aimed at getting us to consume but not only this but to get us all to consume the same things and wear the same clothes, This is evident when you look across Europe and see major shopping chains selling very similar if not the same products in once very different countries.

What has all this got to do with politics well the short answer is that the closer our minds come to being the same in our private lives then the closer we are to a conscious connection and therefore will be more willing to accept loosely worded legislation that can fits across the whole of the EU effectively removing borders in our minds so they can be removed in the real world.

The opposite to Collectivism is Individualism this is the mind set that most people strive to achieve a sense of being the only one like you, the problem with this is that governing this type of population is very difficult as you would need different levels of legislation requiring local and regional governments and this would make global governance impossible. This mind set is seen as something of an enemy of the state and has been effectively stamped out in a way which tricks people into thinking that are individual when the reality is that majority of us live in a kind of uniformity and every year this uniformity is changed but is always the same as others in our society thus giving the impression of choice when actually there is none.

Another aspect of the individual mindset that troubles policy makers is the unpredictability of the individual resulting in a unpredictable population and this more than anything else is simple unacceptable to those who believe in long term plans as they are unable to plan effectively for the future. Blue box one indvidual and red box of a collective

Social freedom was something that the Soviet Union tried the best part of 40 years to destroy but even under the totalitarian control of the politburo this was not achievable and was the largest contributor to the final destruction of the communist state so it troubles me deeply that this is exaclty the model that EU seems to be following although this time it is being done via the fake label of freedom under liberal fascism.

Liberal Fascism

Over the past 60 years the people of Europe have become used to peace and social stability but this has come at German Reich eagle holding EU flaga cost and if Barruso gets his way that cost will eventually be total loss of sovereignty. Under the constant barrage of Liberal legislation being handed down in the name of a future European Federation the indvidual has less rights than our forefathers had before world war 2. I do not see this assualt on freedom to abate anytime soon and I predict that once are current heads of state become little more than legislators of a state rather than a coutry we will see an acceleration of this type of government mushroom.

Liberal Fascism is a smiley faced fascism in which the state controls all for the good of the people even if they do not want it, as the saying goes They’re doing it for you. We can see signs of this through the smoking ban and pro human rights laws that trump the rights of others or the newly formed anti-terrorism laws that allow individuals to be detained with little or no evidence on the premise that may in the future commit a crime.

The problem with this system is that it will always revert to tyranny at some point either in the near or distant future you only have to look at the thirties and forties to see this eventuality. Fascism does not mean racism like history has been written to make you believe Fascists seek elevation of their nation based on commitment to an organic national community where its individuals are united together as one people through national identity.  I don’t know about you but to me this sounds a lot like the European Federation’s vision.

Between Now And The Next Elections

The fact that this is now common knowledge means that behind the scenes the plan for the European Federation has already been set and we have between now and the next elections to get our leaders to hold referendums as soon as possible for the people to have their say on their future and the future of our children, I think that the process has been sped up because of France’s election of Francoise Hollande and his socialist pro EU stance the fear is now that the rest of Europe will be voting for leaders who are willing to stand up to the fiction that austerity will get us out of this financial mess.

I also think that between now and the near future we will start to see lots of pro EU rhetoric both from the media and our governments trying to convince us that the EU is the European utopia that they all want us to believe in. The main reasons for this are money the EU is an economic power house with the German superpower being the engine that drives us forward but this is all designed with central planning in mind and that is where vast moajority of the wealth will go to if you would like proof of this then read the European Stability Mechanism’s (ESM) mandate and you will see that once we have a central federal government they can activate this ESM and literally suck the states dry of capital making it impossible for them ever to escape the just like the US states are unable to break their unity.

Whats the Alternative

I know that I paint a bleak picture and I can hear you ask what’s the alternative to a European Federation, But this is exactly what the policies makers want us to think then we will have no choice but to stick together. But the truth is that we do have an alternative there is no reason why cannot have free  trade within Europe and return to our own currencies removing the Euro problem altogether and get rid of the European Union and return to creating our own laws with our own populations in mind but make sure that trade is controlled through European Trade Organization that can ensure we stay the economic power house that we are today.

European unity does not require a European Federation because if I know one thing from history is that today its united Europe tomorrow a united Asia and in the future a Global government. If this is what you envisage as good future then by all means promote the EU but if you think its difficult today trying to get your government to listen how hard do you think it will be when that government is not even on your continent.

Look Up

Do you ever look up, not many people do andSky with chem trails I must admit that until recently I had forgotten the beauty of looking up. As land based mammals our domain is the ground so we naturally see things from the bottom up.

Thanks to technology we have been able to broaden our horizons by seeing the world from the top but in the rush to be different and always see the new angle we have forgotten just how beautiful things above us can be.

I love looking at the sky nowadays because it does not matter how many times you look up the picture will always be different, no clouds will ever be  replicated and the stars will not align again in our lifetimes so looking up is the last home of infinite viewing.

sun glare on blue sky

I would like to ask you to go outside regardless of the weather and look up, I don’t need to know what you see but I would like you to just take it in draw the rich colors into your soul and I guarantee that it will put things into perspective. For me the day sky reminds me of my place in the world and how I am part of an ecosystem and the night sky always leaves me in awe and although I do not believe in god I can understand how the sheer scale of the stars and constellations left people feeling a little insignificant.


The last untouched beauty

Thanks to advances in science we are now able to capture what we see in our retina and hold that moment in time for the rest of our lives and sometimes well into the lives our children. The sky is the last untouched beauty of this world and it is free for all to see.

I deal with visually impaired people all of the time in my job and I will say that speaking with them has given me the ultimate respect for my eyesight and the fact that I can look up and see stars and I can take in the world in a way where words cannot express the intensity of the sight before me. The though of losing my eyesight is to overwhelming to contemplate, So I say to you don’t squander the gift of sight even if it for 2 mins a day look up and be amazed.

Above our heads is an entire world and it would be a crime not to enjoy it, whether you look at architecture or nature there is something up there for everyone so go and let your imagination fill in the blanks I promise you will not be disappointed.

After a friend asked me if i am a member of anonymous (by the way i am not) it got me thinking abanonymous maskout activism and then onto revolution here in the western world and I can say with absolute truth the thought of revolution scares the hell out of me.

I can understand why a person reading my blog may come to the conclusion that I may be into some kind of political activism but there is a difference between being a kind political analyst and activist, I like to think of myself as a conduit for information to get people thinking outside of the box we currently live in.

When the Egyptian people stood up to oppression and stood shoulder to Tahrir Square Egypt protestshoulder against Mubarak they was able to shout louder than the national press a message of peace that went beyond the borders of Egypt and gave the population a voice and a legitimate claim against the oppression from the government that could not be ignored nationally or internationally.

But since then we have seen a hijacking of the Arab Spring from a voice of peace to a fist of violence that has been spread throughout the middle east with devastating consequences both politically and socially. What we saw in Libya and Syria is international powers playing politics in civil disputes with little regard for the people caught in the cross fire.

European Spring

Since 2007 we have seen a rising discontent as governments of all of the European nations stumble blindly on trying to save private investment banks from bankruptcy and in the process they impoverishing the working class for decades to come just to protect their future employers and six figure sum jobs.

Toronto Riots 2012 mounted policeUnless the ruling elite start listening to the people and remember that they are only supposed to be enforcing the will of the people for the people and not just fulfilling their own ambitions we will see major civil unrest in most if not all of European and north American states from the USA to Mexico and Canada.

But our political discontent is very different from those of the Arab spring nations and our gripes considerably minor in comparison to the daily persecution but our anger is no less. I am sure that most with the exception of  the most hardcore anarchists understand that although our society is broken it is certainly repairable and any calls for revolution are premature to say the least.

Wake up and fight

When I say you need to wake and fight I do mean this metaphorically, we do need to fight for our rights through mass protests and deliberation and diplomacy wile we still have this process available to us now there have been many times in history when normal men and women have had to take up arms to ensure freedom from oppression we saw this in the french, American and more recently Egyptian revolution where the ignorance of the oppressors becomes so much that talking will no longer work and violence is the only answer.

However here in Europe we are not even close to that stage yet and I hope for my children’s sakes that we never are. We still have a largely free judicial system and it is they who need to start ensuring that the politicians return to listening to the people and not the boardroom. The corruption in the west is deep and far reaching but it is a cancer that can be cured if people with courage are willing to take the actions required.

Mob Mentality No Thank You

The judges should start to reverse the rot by refusing to enforce ridiculous laws set down by half wits call for the rewriting of a bill of rights to ensure the citizens safety, only they can stop the slide to Anarchy and If you ask me do we need mob mentality I will say no thank you. When people start trying to enforce the law themselves all kinds of terrible things happen that further legitamises the elites way of thinking that we can not govern ourselves. In order to succeed however We are going to need to be structured in our thinking, clear concise and overall determined.

If we allow mob rule it will be a return to the dark ages and could mean the loss of nearly a thousand years of history and culture and a return to the feudalistic days of the 1500’s, this is not an exaggeration after the fall of Rome we went from living in stone towns with paved roads and sewers to mud huts and turf roads that turned to rivers every time it rained so as far as I am concerned a western revolution is the worst case scenario.

There are big social differences between Europe,  North America and the middle eastern nations here in west people have become slothful and relaxed over a generation of convenience and relative safety since our last war on European soil was sixty years ago unlike the middle east that has seen plenty of action.

Another important difference is our middle class we are underestimating the importance of having a small enough gap between the rich poor in Europe we can actually climb up the social ladder to a point that our lives can become considerably easier and we can pass that down to our children albeit very slowly but this allows people a life goal and from it a level contentment and from that point of view is extremely important to public happiness. In places like Kuwait Bahrain and the Saudi Kingdom the gulf between the rich and the poor is insurmountable to the point that the majority don’t even bother making any attempt to better themselves and this leaves room for a very unhappy but hardy lower class.

The European psyche simply can not survive the destruction of social mobility and this is why it is so important to stabilize the flow of money currently rushing upwards in ever increasing amounts. Removing this dream will be the underlying cause of a revolution on a scale close to the 1776 war of independence but unlike the colonies in the Americas modern people are heavily reliant on the government for food water and energy and any social unrest risks disruption to these essential services not just for convenience but literally our very survival.

Not only are we physically soft but we simply cannot feed ourselves due to having such a large population and very little if no farm knowledge or suitable soil to grow crops in while we fight for independence. The result could lead to many deaths simply from starvation not to mention untold numbers from conflict and disease.

And lastly but just as importantly over the last decade our western governments have been allowed to disarm us and monitor every aspect of our daily lives allowing them the type of intelligence that the middle eastern dictators could only dream of. If the government thought for one second there was even the slimmest chance of a mass insurrection they would swoop in and arrest and disappear anyone connected with the plans as was seen in the soviet west German state regularly by the stasi.

The resulting crackdown would lead to a cycle of distrust between the authorities and the electorate causing more yet unrest and then even more arrests effectively destroying the western way of life which we covet so much.

What do we the people want

The current round of distrust is because people are sick of being ignored what we the people want is a voice like the one the people in Tahrir square found and Sooner or later we will find that voice but I fear that the longer it takes the more likely it will sound like a violent shout and frighten the leaders in becoming defensive and even more prone to stupid mistakes that could inflame the situation. What the politician’s need to do is stop the austerity reduce taxes and let the market forces purge the toxic waste in the financial sector. Yes it will be hard and yes it will probably end up in that party leaders political suicide but at least it will not end in revolution or the collapse of society.

The basic belief in capitalism is the market decides what lives on and what dies out as necessity dictates unfortunately this rule has been abandoned with the dropping of the gold standard and the creation of the debt society created the elites superwealthy companies that manipulate the markets by keeping decaying old corporations rotting away the worlds wealth. Until we return to true capitalism and remove the government mushrooms we continue to slide deeper under the water line and sooner or later we will drown resulting in a Western Revolution that could drown us all.

Earlier to to day I read Do We Have a 100years left? blog from the daily cheese blog and in this blog it talks about how close we as a species could be to extinction and as things often do it got me thinking and I was thinking whatever happened to bird flu and I found that not only did it not go away after the media stopped covering it.

A few years ago the news was asking about our impending doom with bird fluH5N1 Virus upclose on the rampage but thankfully the 2003 outbreak was contained and the number of cases per year seem to have stabilized for the time being but this does not mean we should stop being vigilant especially after the 2009 Pandemic.

I found on the World Health Organization website that this year so far there have been 30 cases reported and 19 deaths globally which means that the virus is still out there and still infecting people and killing more than half of those infected, The numbers do seem to have stabilized but I must stress that most people with this virus probably never go to the doctor or receive treatment.

Currently in Indonesia there is a H5N1 outbreak and  according to the WHO:

To date, the total number of human influenza A(H5N1) cases in Indonesia is 191 with 159 fatalities, 8 (all fatal) of which occurred in 2012 and this is despite the fact that H5N1 cannot be contracted human to human.

When it all went wrong

In 2009 we saw our first major pandemic for decades when H1N1 or more commonly swine flu swept across the world infecting hundreds of thousands and killing a total 14,286 people worldwide and this is the number we know of not to mention all of the poor people who would not have had the money to receive treatment.

The panic was successfully spread across the globe and people were running for the hills thinking this was it this was the end times but largely thanks to modern medicine and quick response this deadly disease was stopped from going viral. But then it all went wrong when people stopped panicking and instead went into super ignorance mode. The medical teams not only stopped the outbreak but also convinced the world that we are safe.

1918 the Spanish menace

Many of you will know of the the 1918 flu pandemic that was spread all over the globe killing 50-130 million and infecting millions more leaving many with afflictions that would last the rest of their lives. The Spanish Flu of 1918 was the worst pandemic to have the earth in modern times infecting an estimated 3% of the world population (1.86 Billion at the time) and lasted a staggering 2 years.corpses in a room all laid on tables

Spanish flu was able to reach every continent and even many of the remote pacific islands to infect 27% of the total global population in a time when it still took weeks to travel around the globe. The main reason this was able to happen was a mixture of poor malnourished men being drafted into the army to fight World War 1 and a lack of experience dealing with infectious diseases on a global scale.

A Hundred Years Later

Its been a hundred years and all is well the world is technologically advanced and the human race is plowing ahead to a bright future and then in a remote village in Thailand a man falls sick with flu, coughing and sneezing he infects his wife and 2 daughters. The following day the girls go to school and infect 6 of their class mates and wife goes to the market and infects 3 market vendors and 10 passers by all of this before she is even showing symptoms. One of the market vendors infects a truck driver who then transports the virus to the next town and the cycle repeats.

Three days later the man dies followed by his wife and one daughter within days many in the village follow the same pattern by the time the health officials from the city arrive a week later half of the village is dead and the other half sick, reports are coming in that outbreaks have been detected in a major city with an airport within 2 weeks the virus is spotted in other Asian countries and is gathering pace.

This very simple map of infections shows that in modern society viruses can spread very easily if they are infectious enough and unlike in 1918 when people stayed in one town or state for days before moving on today one truck driver could visit ten villages and a major city carrying more than just fruit and veg in the same amount of time.

With modern medicine the mortality rate could be vastly reduced but only if we are able to treat the problem before it becomes a full blown pandemic, a conservative estimate in a H5N1 pandemic varies from 300 to 700 million deaths globally this does not include permanent problems related to the virus infections.

Whats the Alternative

Although in this article I have picked on the Flu strain as the possible doomsday virus to wipe us out there are countless virus’s that exist which could do the same but thankfully many of not infectious but we should always be wary of new deadly strains arriving in the population one for which we have no immunity.

The sad fact about this kind of threat due to our life styles of living in such close proximity and travQuarantine Marker door signeling daily for miles for work is that we would be unlikely to stop a major outbreak of any virulent disease because although we have plenty of experience of the Flu their are just some strains the human body cannot handle.

But despite all of the worries about new virus and superbugs we are still at biggest threat from bird flu so when asked what ever happened to bird flu make sure you think long and hard about it because when it comes it plague and pandemics ignorance is not going to save you.

As we move further into the next century we need to start looking at a gradual move to lessening the world population and stopping the depletion of the world soils to keep nutrients in our food and look to reduce the stress on people so that illness doesn’t spread so easily through a populace. Here in the west with our mass transport and low nutrient high alcohol diets mixed in with high stress lifestyles we are ripe for a pandemic and it a miracle really that we have not seen one yet on the scale of the 1918 outbreak. I think that swine flu was a warning shot across our bows and we would do well to heed the warning.

Big Brother in your mobile phone

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We are all probably aware of our data being stored by private organizations at the request of the various governments, this guy sheds some light on this practice and why it should stop. This is short and very good video please ensure you share it because sometimes people need to see it to believe it.

Phil Ebersole's Blog

And it’s not just in Germany, and not just mobile phones.  Almost any routine electronic communication or use of the Internet can be monitored.

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Eternal Fad

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Because of the society in which we live most people like follow fashion as our ancestors followed religion now there are many fads amy winehouse posingwithin fashion that are sexy like the current one of wearing see through tops with bras on or the silly like leaving the tag on your baseball cap and then just the downright ugly like leopard skin which should be seen on nothing but the leopard.

And then there is what I think is the eternal fad of tattoo’s which currently every woman seems to want not just the slut tag above the backside but now just about all over the place like the thighs and calf and I am sure we have pop stars like Amy Winehouse to thank for this. Personally I have no problems with tattoo’s and in many cases a tat can look both sexy and cool both men and women and although I have none myself I would get one if I ever found one that I liked enough.

A Tat Is For Life Not Just For A Fad

Ok so what am I going on about well simple a tat is for life and not just for a fad once ink is put into your skin it is a very permanent feature and as life goes on and the canvas becomes stratched worn out and wrinkled the once vibrant tattoo will be a faded ghost of its former self and the girl its on looking like some old biker chick even if that not what she wants as an image.

I am sure that many of the girls who have jumped on the indelible band wagon may soon find that what was all the rage in the noughties may soon be outdated and rather chic just as many other fads have come and gone over the decades.

Tattoos are cool

Lets face it on many people tattoos are a cool feature to any body but only if their properly done and in good  eighties girls posingtaste and a cherry blossom bang in the middle of your left calf might look good on a goth or full time tattooist but not always on middle aged woman trying to look sophisticated.

Regardless of what fashion statement or fad we choose to follow in our youth we should always have the foresight to see if this is something we want to be permanently with us and at the very least discreet enough for us to be able to cover up if the professional need arises. The last thing I would want is being left with an Eternal Fad that becomes an eternal embarrassment.