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After a friend asked me if i am a member of anonymous (by the way i am not) it got me thinking abanonymous maskout activism and then onto revolution here in the western world and I can say with absolute truth the thought of revolution scares the hell out of me.

I can understand why a person reading my blog may come to the conclusion that I may be into some kind of political activism but there is a difference between being a kind political analyst and activist, I like to think of myself as a conduit for information to get people thinking outside of the box we currently live in.

When the Egyptian people stood up to oppression and stood shoulder to Tahrir Square Egypt protestshoulder against Mubarak they was able to shout louder than the national press a message of peace that went beyond the borders of Egypt and gave the population a voice and a legitimate claim against the oppression from the government that could not be ignored nationally or internationally.

But since then we have seen a hijacking of the Arab Spring from a voice of peace to a fist of violence that has been spread throughout the middle east with devastating consequences both politically and socially. What we saw in Libya and Syria is international powers playing politics in civil disputes with little regard for the people caught in the cross fire.

European Spring

Since 2007 we have seen a rising discontent as governments of all of the European nations stumble blindly on trying to save private investment banks from bankruptcy and in the process they impoverishing the working class for decades to come just to protect their future employers and six figure sum jobs.

Toronto Riots 2012 mounted policeUnless the ruling elite start listening to the people and remember that they are only supposed to be enforcing the will of the people for the people and not just fulfilling their own ambitions we will see major civil unrest in most if not all of European and north American states from the USA to Mexico and Canada.

But our political discontent is very different from those of the Arab spring nations and our gripes considerably minor in comparison to the daily persecution but our anger is no less. I am sure that most with the exception of  the most hardcore anarchists understand that although our society is broken it is certainly repairable and any calls for revolution are premature to say the least.

Wake up and fight

When I say you need to wake and fight I do mean this metaphorically, we do need to fight for our rights through mass protests and deliberation and diplomacy wile we still have this process available to us now there have been many times in history when normal men and women have had to take up arms to ensure freedom from oppression we saw this in the french, American and more recently Egyptian revolution where the ignorance of the oppressors becomes so much that talking will no longer work and violence is the only answer.

However here in Europe we are not even close to that stage yet and I hope for my children’s sakes that we never are. We still have a largely free judicial system and it is they who need to start ensuring that the politicians return to listening to the people and not the boardroom. The corruption in the west is deep and far reaching but it is a cancer that can be cured if people with courage are willing to take the actions required.

Mob Mentality No Thank You

The judges should start to reverse the rot by refusing to enforce ridiculous laws set down by half wits call for the rewriting of a bill of rights to ensure the citizens safety, only they can stop the slide to Anarchy and If you ask me do we need mob mentality I will say no thank you. When people start trying to enforce the law themselves all kinds of terrible things happen that further legitamises the elites way of thinking that we can not govern ourselves. In order to succeed however We are going to need to be structured in our thinking, clear concise and overall determined.

If we allow mob rule it will be a return to the dark ages and could mean the loss of nearly a thousand years of history and culture and a return to the feudalistic days of the 1500’s, this is not an exaggeration after the fall of Rome we went from living in stone towns with paved roads and sewers to mud huts and turf roads that turned to rivers every time it rained so as far as I am concerned a western revolution is the worst case scenario.

There are big social differences between Europe,  North America and the middle eastern nations here in west people have become slothful and relaxed over a generation of convenience and relative safety since our last war on European soil was sixty years ago unlike the middle east that has seen plenty of action.

Another important difference is our middle class we are underestimating the importance of having a small enough gap between the rich poor in Europe we can actually climb up the social ladder to a point that our lives can become considerably easier and we can pass that down to our children albeit very slowly but this allows people a life goal and from it a level contentment and from that point of view is extremely important to public happiness. In places like Kuwait Bahrain and the Saudi Kingdom the gulf between the rich and the poor is insurmountable to the point that the majority don’t even bother making any attempt to better themselves and this leaves room for a very unhappy but hardy lower class.

The European psyche simply can not survive the destruction of social mobility and this is why it is so important to stabilize the flow of money currently rushing upwards in ever increasing amounts. Removing this dream will be the underlying cause of a revolution on a scale close to the 1776 war of independence but unlike the colonies in the Americas modern people are heavily reliant on the government for food water and energy and any social unrest risks disruption to these essential services not just for convenience but literally our very survival.

Not only are we physically soft but we simply cannot feed ourselves due to having such a large population and very little if no farm knowledge or suitable soil to grow crops in while we fight for independence. The result could lead to many deaths simply from starvation not to mention untold numbers from conflict and disease.

And lastly but just as importantly over the last decade our western governments have been allowed to disarm us and monitor every aspect of our daily lives allowing them the type of intelligence that the middle eastern dictators could only dream of. If the government thought for one second there was even the slimmest chance of a mass insurrection they would swoop in and arrest and disappear anyone connected with the plans as was seen in the soviet west German state regularly by the stasi.

The resulting crackdown would lead to a cycle of distrust between the authorities and the electorate causing more yet unrest and then even more arrests effectively destroying the western way of life which we covet so much.

What do we the people want

The current round of distrust is because people are sick of being ignored what we the people want is a voice like the one the people in Tahrir square found and Sooner or later we will find that voice but I fear that the longer it takes the more likely it will sound like a violent shout and frighten the leaders in becoming defensive and even more prone to stupid mistakes that could inflame the situation. What the politician’s need to do is stop the austerity reduce taxes and let the market forces purge the toxic waste in the financial sector. Yes it will be hard and yes it will probably end up in that party leaders political suicide but at least it will not end in revolution or the collapse of society.

The basic belief in capitalism is the market decides what lives on and what dies out as necessity dictates unfortunately this rule has been abandoned with the dropping of the gold standard and the creation of the debt society created the elites superwealthy companies that manipulate the markets by keeping decaying old corporations rotting away the worlds wealth. Until we return to true capitalism and remove the government mushrooms we continue to slide deeper under the water line and sooner or later we will drown resulting in a Western Revolution that could drown us all.


Agenda 21 Global Greenprint agenda 21 cover

In 1992 the United Nations convened the Earth Summit in Rio to announce the Agenda for the 21st century it would be an action plan a global greenprint for a sustainable future of the human race. What is written on the first page describes what Agenda 21 is:

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

And to just to reassure you that this is not all government hype and empty promises at the bottom of the page it goes on to say:

The full implementation of Agenda 21, the Program for Further Implementation of Agenda 21 and the Commitments to the Rio principles, were strongly reaffirmed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 26 August to 4 September 2002.

In 1995 the UK started the environment agency and you may have noticed that exactly ten years after the 1992 summit the world leaders were made to publicly and openly promise that were going ahead with their commitments for Agenda 21.

Why Is Agenda 21 Different

The question I know on most people’s lips will be why is agenda 21 different well unlike most plans that are implemented on a national scale this a very serious and dedicated approach by using all levels of society Global is the use of UN and UNESCO then Nationally by using local government, parliaments and places like the European Parliament and then locally this includes local authorities such as councils and the local population via our children and indoctrination.

Hold on one minute local population I didn’t know about this and your right, I found out about Agenda 21 by accident through a documentary and most people have never even heard of this plan. But I bet you have heard of the UK youth parliament and may have even noticed that companies and the government has taken massive interest’s in getting more youth and more women into key positions within private and public companies, the reason for this shift in decades old policy is not because of a change of heart it is all to do with Agenda 21 which dictates that special emphasis must be put on women’s rights and youth input.

The main reasoning that I can see behind this strategy is because youth and women have always been the more radical and readily acceptable to change than men as you will have seen for example in the sixties when majority of protests were held by young students or women’s groups, rarely do you ever see men in the 30-55 age group who are willing to upset the apple cart as the dominant members of society well until recently anyway and this is why this agenda is so different and successful.

Greener You Get The Redder You Get

I have quite a few reservations about the current political interest in climate change as the greener you get the redder you get as the people in charge keep centralizing and adding more and more rules and regulations which was main drive behind communism and central planning, when you read through Agenda 21 you will notice the references to things like population control regulation and human resources. No longer do the powers see us as people but as a resource that needs to be controlled and regulated for our own good and the good of the environment which is now being given the same rights as humans under Agenda 21.

I see this whole process like the ripening of a tomato its starts small and green and ends up large and green swastikared but then the tomato becomes to heavy for the stem and it falls to ground and rots this is what I see happening to the new socialist sate of the United Nations, does it not seem coincidental to you that no sooner than Soviet Russia falls (1990-1) than we have a new big idea to consolidate the world power and resources into the hands of a small group of individuals. All of those short sighted leaders who signed up to the global world order that will eventually enslave us all never really saw that UN was only reimplementing the socialist model of collective farming and the concept of Population control and central planning but this time all in the name of sustainability.

Reading Between The Lines

I would like to break down to individual terms used within agenda 21 and try to decipher what was actually meant when it was written.

  • sustainable development this mean that we will all need to be carbon neutral as private property signin we will not be allowed to do anything that may hinder nature and will need to be authorized by central planning.
  • States have decided to establish a new global partnership is the nicer way of describing a single world government aka a New World Order.
  • eco-sensitive zones restricted areas set aside for nature, No one knows just how big these reservations will be.
  • Human Resources this is a term widely used and in its rawest form mean that humans are just a resource to be used until no longer needed.
  • land-use policies strict rules that will govern any use of any land notice that this does not differentiate between and public and private land use.
  • human settlements the fact that this term is only one I could find referring to where people would live makes me think of gulags and labor camps.
  • Smart Growthis heavy regulation on any future population centers and strict control of humans.

Overall the above shows that according to the UN we take up to much space use to many resources and require intensive legislation to ensure that we do not continue to hurt the environment. At first glance this would seem like a good idea but when you read further you will notice that they always relate these problems to the proletariat or the working class and poorest in society.

Common Good Or The Rights Of The Community

When you look at the common good or the rights of the community you see that this is the assassination of the individual and that whenever you do something as an individual you will be seen as selfish or anti social and you will see that view of the greater good will be always be set against the will of the individual and this is otherwise known as mob mentality. A good example of this is the constant demonizing of the private car and promotion of public transport as the savior to all our problems.

The problem with the common good is that it almost always hinders the rights of the individual and when its put on a national scale like in the EU were Greece is being pushed out to save the rest of the common market you get gross actions by people who if put on the spot would act otherwise. It is easy to say kill a goat so that the group can eat especially if it is not you doing the killing, its not so easy when its you killing the goat so you can eat but from a government perspective it is great as it absolves all individuals of personal responsibility making hard choices very easy which could lead to atrocities in the name of the common good you only have to look at the situation in the Gaza strip to see the effects of the common good mentality.

The rights given to the individual are very specific and therefore very difficult to amend without having to fight and impossible without absolute justification, the rights of community on the other hand are merely guidelines and easily amended which leaves you as the individual very vulnerable as it is the ruling elite who dictate what is the required needs of the masses at that given time and are subject to change depending on circumstance regardless of how this may impact on you personally.

What is the purpose of Agenda 21

We all have to ask ourselves the question of what it he purpose of Agenda 21 at first you will say well its to make sure the human race survives, and I would be inclined to agree to a point I however think that the real purpose of agenda 21 is to control people to the point of slavery a kind of futuristic feudalism based around protection of the environment, every page of Agenda 21 makes reference to new organizations and new rules and new regulations that will or should be implemented to save us but not once does it make reference to the rights of the individual.

The single minded purpose of Agenda 21 is the saving of the environment regardless of the social cost and if you think I am being paranoid then read this:

“Smart Growth promotes well-designed, compact, functional communities and rejects land-hungry sprawl and wastage of greenfield land.”

which means that anyone living outside of a city is an unacceptable risk to the environment and therefore needs to be removed. Pro Agenda 21 lackeys always use the term “promotes” this is in fact a veiled threat what it actually means is that you will conform or else be punished.

But all this mindset cannot come just from saving the environment so what is it, well I think that it is a very carefully orchestrated plan to get us all to conform to the idea that we are the cancer we are the ones causing the ills in our society and the environment. Governments by design are power hungry and are constantly looking for ways in which to eradicate the very thought that you or me are individuals because this equates to those in power that your an anarchist and that you reject authority so must be marginalized and Agenda 21 is the perfect framework to ensure the continuation of the centralized government.

Implementation of the Eco-world

Agenda 21 is a soft-kill weapon which has been infiltrating our society for two decades and I have found evidence of this Ecoterrorism everywhere I have looked from the government and the Environment Agency to my local council. The Agenda for the 21st century is being implemented Globally Nationally and Locally through legislation, think tanks and even through our children this is unrelenting and will succeed if we allow it to. The whole reason this is being done so slowly is to keep it in the shadows so that the ground work can be laid without hindrance as it has been for many years already. I ask you this though if this is so good for us all and the end result will be a green utopia with no poverty why keep it secret?

EUsurveillance with all seeing eyeThe other area of implementation is the destruction of agriculture we have seen systematic destruction of the farming industry either by design or neglect and the only reason for this that I can see is to corner the market with a small number of big Aggro companies such as Monsanto who can use genetically modified crops to feed these future super metropolis of Human Settlements at a huge profit. In the next few years we will see more and more crop failures caused by erratic weather patterns and companies who GM products will come save the day with crops that we have no idea of the long term effects but when hungry we will accept these overpriced products happily.

If you think that the common person will be content in these new super cities your wrong, we will be worked to death or exiled into the wilderness to die from exposure, in fact you can see truth of this in the way that city states used to operate in ancient Greece. As a commoner you will be required to work to justify your existence and if you cannot provide for yourself you will starve and there will be nowhere to run to as this is a Global plan.

What does the Future hold

The inconvenient truth is the word is overpopulated for the current way in which our species survives so we do need a change in direction but not to the point in where we live in centralized population zones being zipped from city to city by 300mph trains with no interaction with nature, I think that if we do not wake up we will see small towns and villages populations relocated into urban cities and that the brave new world that Aldous Huxley envisioned one where humans are bred for specific purpose based on the societies requirements and only the Alpha’s or the elites would be allowed to have enjoyment outside of work hours.

The future is certainly bleak if we don’t adapt when the finite resources to run out billions will starve and the planet will descend into a mad max style chaos and it would take two or three thousand years for us as a species to recover if ever and if we accept the socialist centralized plan that is Agenda 21 we are likely to be slaves while the top one percent live like kings as they did in communist Russia until it either collapses through excess or kills off most of the world population in an attempt to retain superiority.

red man standing out from the crowd

But there is a third way, we have an era of personal responsibility we take it upon ourselves to stop pointlessly wasting our planets resources we take the initiative and most importantly we stand up and defend the rights of the individual. For over twenty years this has all been done in open secrecy so lets lift this veil and talk about Agenda 21 and what it means for us a species for the biggest weapon we have is education, take responsibility and educate yourself read up on this socialist Eco-terrorism that could end up with us living under tyranny disguised as the common good. If you take anything from this article understand this you can bury your head in the sand if you want but this will continue until you can no longer ignore it.

I would like to say to people who live in the cities don’t think it will not affect you as we city dwellers use the most amount of energy per head than anyone else in the world and to those living rural areas this affects you in the way that you have more land then anyone else and the Green agenda wants to reforest as much as they can, We do need to act individually but we can all shout together to be heard. A football crowd is a crowd of 20,000 individual voices singing the same song if we can do that on this Agenda and show the world that green is the new red then maybe we can salvage something from this train wreck.

Other links to see if you want to know more

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Behind the Green mask Rosa Kiore gives excellent speech on agenda 21.

Big Brothers Little Brother

In the novel 1984 by George Orwell helicopters and CCTV in flat screen monitors are used to monitor every aspect of the daily lives of the citizens of Oceania, interestingly enough Orwell wrote this book before these things even existed and was banned in the UK for many years so when I read that the United Kingdom is preparing to use unmanned drones to hover above us and snoop on our daily business I cant help but feel like Big Brother really is watching.Police officer using a remote controlled drone

Many people will say that worrying about this is paranoia and that if you have nothing to hide then you needn’t worry, well I say this we should worry especially when the people who are deciding whether what you’re saying or doing is illegal are the very same people who write the laws. Here in the UK we have become overly relaxed about what the state is doing on our behalf in the name of safety and if we do not start looking soon we may find ourselves in a Liberal prison from which there truly is no escape.

To UAV Or Not To UAV

I can understand that the usage of UAV’s will continue to increase but I think they should only be used in a military capacity and never in a civilian one where the possibility of abuse is increased. The usage of surveillance in Britain is now at a point where you will not go a single day without your face and details being logged. I will attempt to give you an idea of what I meanmen monitoring cctv screens

  • All modes of transport now have CCTV including many taxis and stations.
  • Every major and many minor streets have CCTV all linked into a national system.
  • Supermarkets and shops use reward cards to monitor your purchases and also have CCTV in stores.
  • Smart card systems for traveling track your movements and patterns.
  • Any mobile handset with GPRS activated is constantly tracked by local phone masts even if switched off. This includes mobile phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Credit/Debit cards track every purchase you make.
  • Your IP address is logged at every site you visit.
  • Every piece of electronic information sent within the UK is now kept in a database for 3 years in case needed for legal reasons.

Every single example I have given above all use the internet and mobile networks to transfer data, and if you add face and voice recognition software currently in use to this very intricate system and you can track every person in the United Kingdom from a laptop. This type of information is is very dangerous if the political landscape was to change from passive to hostile.

Surveillance State

The point I am trying to make is that we now live in a surveillance state and we don’t really know how that information is being used to monitor and manipulate us. I even think it was a deliberate ploy to get us used to the concept of 24 hour surveillance through the aptly named Big Brother series which first aired just as CCTV was coming into full force even though crime figures show that it does nothing to reduce crime. If you think that in the TV show the people in the house were totally at the mercy of the producers people who they had never met and if so inclined could have made the house mates lives a living hell. Now apply that to modern society and you have the soviet state that Stalin truly craved.Caption of Big Brother is watching you ever Obama's face

We are living in a world where our every move and word both written and spoken are not only monitored but recorded and documented, this is not science fantasy or conspiracy theory but fact, and we the people are becoming increasingly ignorant of this fact because of careful manipulation of the media system. Today is it not illegal to say that our politicians are fools but tomorrow it may be against the law and I might even find myself vaporized for this very article. My hope lies in that we can stop this constant invasion of our privacy today so we don’t live to regret it tomorrow.

Food Security Matters

The single most important thing in your life is Food, this is no exaggeration without food and water you will die, so why is it people don’t think food security matters as much as other things like what’s on the television tonight or the latest celebrity gossip. The reason people in the west care so little for food is almost all of us have always had the grocery store or supermarket open and waiting for us to come in and buy the essentials when we need them.Sign stating shop closed

But what if you woke up tomorrow and the shop was closed in fact all of the shops were closed or, if the shops were all of a sudden unable to provide us with food just how much supplies do you have in your kitchen to sustain you and your family.

Food has always been there a false sense of security

For my entire life food has never been a problem and therefore it never will be for me food has always been there but is this a false sense of security as many do not actually realize how fragile the world’s food supply has become, we live in a world of just in time were food is held in suspended animation and then delivered as and when needed to keep down the cost of storage. The result of this system is a very efficient but unsafe system.

We have been lead down a path of ignorance about our world where we are told from cradle to grave food, water and security are guaranteed, this has been done in order to allow us to worry about other things in life such as work to improve productivity and it has been largely successful because we have not had a serious food shortage for nearly sixty years. The downside to this kind of thinking is that people are now so used to having food available that they refuse to believe that it may not always be, as a friend of mine said “we’re to advanced to fail”.

This mentality is caused by our own success coupled with the media industry seeing a big money making market in being able to sell any trash to people to help them forget about the rest of the world.

The United Kingdom is not food self sufficient

The United Kingdom currently imports approximately 40% of its yearly food requirements, or you could say that we cannot currently feed 40% of the population at the current food consumption levels if something was to happen to the food chain. So why should we worry because if something did happen we could easily reroute food from exports to our shop shelves and thinking this you would be absolutely wrong. People often forget that the food we export has been bought and paid for long before it ever leaves our shores and our government would have no choice but to export the food if they was able to do so or they could face serious political ramifications.

Soldiers Marching in street

The other problem is that for the first seven to ten days you would probably not even be aware that there is a problem with the food supply as the authorities would force a media blackout to stop any kind of panic buying which could or would result in food riots so by the time you do realize that something is wrong it will already be to late for you to stock up.

The reasons for a food shortage are to many to list but many of them are not actually to far beyond the imagination to happen for example droughts like the one currently in the United States could wipe out a large portion of the worlds grain supply resulting in the price of wheat based products quadrupling or floods in Asia disrupting the worlds rice supplies and sending rice based products spiralling high or even regional civil unrest could see the closure of the Suez canal increasing the world’s shipping lanes by some weeks increasing and of course upsetting the oil supplies from the middle east causing massive spikes in oil prices and therefore the dribbling effect of prices going up all through the supply chain. These are but a few of the reasons we could see a sharp increase in food prices and a reduction in food availability all resulting in the same thing mass starvation and civil unrest.

How can we protect ourselves and our families

You do not have to be paranoid or a prepper to know what our predecessors knew, that we should all hope for the best and prepare for the worst. In the second world war the British people pulled together and managed to supply themselves with enough self grown food to supply the nation during the north Atlantic blockades you however have to bear in mind that the UK’s population was half what it is now and that nearly everybody had gardens and or allotments on which to grow food. Now less than a fraction of the UK population know how to grow vegetables let alone have the space to grow them.Shelf full of food

But not everything is lost if you are reading this before any kind of disruption has happened then you have time to get online and by storable foods that can be kept for years and if the worst should happen then you will be in a far better position than most people. You should also make sure you have fifteen to twenty litres of bottled water at all times to ensure that if the water stops coming out of the tap you can survive more than a few days. Also make allowances for cooking by keeping a camping stove and spare gas cannisters so that if you need to cook you can do this also.

It is your responsibility

The results of not taking simple steps to ensure that you can feed you and your family for a minimum of 90 days is that if or when the crisis comes you will be like millions of others waiting for handouts in refugee camps slowly starving and once the food has run out you will be left to fend for yourself in a violent and unyielding environment. If you want to know what happens to a nation that has food shortages you only need to look at Sudan while you enjoy a cup of tea. Make no mistake that if the worst happens the authorities will apply a triage system of who is important to feed it will go something like this

  1. Government
  2. Military
  3. Emergency Services
  4. Civil Engineers
  5. Farmers
  6. Scientists
  7. Everybody else

Number 1 and 2 will be the most well fed for the simple reason that government will be required to rebuild and the military to defend those in power also the military will also initially provide everything needed to continue such as Engineers, Doctors, Nurses and Fire-fighters and the rest on the list will be saved if possible in the descending order of importance, I am not being pessimistic by putting the general public last its a simple hard truth of survival of the fittest.

Refugee children at barbwire fanceTents in a refugee camp

At first the government will attempt to save everybody but it will be futile once civil unrest sets in and public disorder get to the point of social collapse the military will intervene and evacuate those predetermined in the contingency plans that were considered important to rebuild society.

I hope that it never comes to pass and that we all live into our old age and that the world will continue to spin but as we have seen and I hope you now realize that the world can change very quickly and that we should all be looking to make sure if it does that we are in the best possible place to stop our families from falling prey to a terrible fate caused by means out of your or my control and I would advise you to make you and those who depend on you Food Secure.