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Look Up

Do you ever look up, not many people do andSky with chem trails I must admit that until recently I had forgotten the beauty of looking up. As land based mammals our domain is the ground so we naturally see things from the bottom up.

Thanks to technology we have been able to broaden our horizons by seeing the world from the top but in the rush to be different and always see the new angle we have forgotten just how beautiful things above us can be.

I love looking at the sky nowadays because it does not matter how many times you look up the picture will always be different, no clouds will ever beĀ  replicated and the stars will not align again in our lifetimes so looking up is the last home of infinite viewing.

sun glare on blue sky

I would like to ask you to go outside regardless of the weather and look up, I don’t need to know what you see but I would like you to just take it in draw the rich colors into your soul and I guarantee that it will put things into perspective. For me the day sky reminds me of my place in the world and how I am part of an ecosystem and the night sky always leaves me in awe and although I do not believe in god I can understand how the sheer scale of the stars and constellations left people feeling a little insignificant.


The last untouched beauty

Thanks to advances in science we are now able to capture what we see in our retina and hold that moment in time for the rest of our lives and sometimes well into the lives our children. The sky is the last untouched beauty of this world and it is free for all to see.

I deal with visually impaired people all of the time in my job and I will say that speaking with them has given me the ultimate respect for my eyesight and the fact that I can look up and see stars and I can take in the world in a way where words cannot express the intensity of the sight before me. The though of losing my eyesight is to overwhelming to contemplate, So I say to you don’t squander the gift of sight even if it for 2 mins a day look up and be amazed.

Above our heads is an entire world and it would be a crime not to enjoy it, whether you look at architecture or nature there is something up there for everyone so go and let your imagination fill in the blanks I promise you will not be disappointed.