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Depressed Or Not Depressed that is the question, I am always surprised by statistics surrounding depression and mental illness’s in general for that matter but in this post I would like to concentrate on depression. According to statistics by 2020 depression will become the second most common illness and yet despite this shocking statement only around 10% of those suffering will get treatment.

I got looking into this after I noticed a difference in my own behavior and although I contributed manyDepressed man with head in hands. of the symptoms to tiredness I have come to realize that I myself am probably suffering from a mild depression my symptoms have included

  • Irregular sleep either to much or not enough.
  • fatigue.
  • bouts of sudden emotion such as feeling as though I want to cry.
  • Mood swings from angry to sad and happy with no apparent reason.
  • comfort eating of chocolate and other sweets even though I have rarely eaten it for most of m life.
  • Having no real interest in anything and not wanting to be sociable.

But truth is I am also unlikely to get treatment as I have been through a lot in my life and never felt the need to have outside help so why start now, But even as I write this I am thinking either I am being stubborn and or stupid I cant decide which.

Why do we avoid getting help with depression

One of the reasons I think that we do avoid getting help with depression is ignorance of our situation because to admit we might be having trouble coping is a sign of weakness but another reason I honestly believe that any sign of mental illness can be detrimental to peoples future employment chances and in this age of information no person really has a private life anymore so I do believe this to be a valid concern. I watched a documentary recently about a group of people that are set a number of tasks and some have a history of mental illness but the employers did not know which ones and in the end the employers ended up picking all three with mental illness for a job despite saying at the beginning that if they knew someone had a history of mental illness they categorically avoid employing them.

I can see why people don’t want to be tarred with the brush of mental illness and that some of their concerns are valid but I also think that most people don’t get help shows that government need to do more to reassure myself and people like me that we will not be punished through employment chances and we are protected in the same way as someone with a disability are from discrimination. As you will know from my previous blogs that I do not advocate government intervention on many subjects but public health is one valid area that I think they need to have an active imput.

Epidemic of Depression

Society is currently in the midst of a full scale epidemic of depression and it is only set to get worse but when looking at the epidemiology we have to look at the causes of the problem.

So why do we seem to have an epidemic of depression in the modern society I think that the pressures of modern life certainly have not helped many peoples mental health and the constant stress of bills and the debts that many people have built themselves into a prison and when they can no longer see a way out this causes an erosion in the mental health of people.plane dropping adverts

I know people are going to think that I blame the media for everything in society but although this is not true they do have a responsibility for the society which places it’s trust in them, here a few examples on one hand the media constantly bombards us with advertisements which through the usage of psychology break down our barriers of control and in the process leave us wide open to the other stresses that life has to offer and on the other hand we are also constantly bombarded by mixed images of unobtainable goals and bad news.

Not to mention the current global depression with this comes added stress and worries that all contribute to the modern persons stress levels and should not be discounted when looking at the reasons why people are becoming more and more unhappy to the point of becoming depressed.

Return to Nature

When as humans will we realize that we are animals and that sometimes we need to look to the animal kingdom for the obvious before you declare me insane let me explain, If you take an animal out of its natural habitat and put it into a zoo the animal becomes lethargic not wanting to eat and moping around. So in order to make the animals feel like they are in the wild we build a habitat that looks like their home.

But yet as humans we have been removed from our natural habitat largely through our own success with technology but now that life has become a prison in which we are forced to live on top of each other in sprawling cities and with it illness my reason for thinking this came when I left my city to go and visit my dad in the country and for a week I was almost in direct contact with nature and found that I was happier relaxed and slept much better and since returning to the city have dropped straight back into the lethargic loop we now  call city life.

Getting Help

The up side to the information revolution is that getting help is easier than ever not only can you get advice to help you get rid of mild depressions through the change of habit and diet but also their is bundles of information for people to educate themselves to help those close to them also get over depression and other mental illnesses. Although I will admit that I will be taking the exercise and dietary route to help get myself better this option is not for everyone and if you do feel depressed then I urge you to talk to a confidant and see about getting help over 80% of people who do receive treatment are cured.

But I would also that whether you are depressed or not depressed they key to getting healthy and staying healthy is a good diet and getting back to nature to enjoy what little natural habitat we have left on this beautiful planet.

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