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Disarming the Citizen

I saw on RT news that South African police opened fire on a group of protesters according to police officials they only did this after the group rushed at police allegedly wielding spears and machetes. The protest started over pay and conditions and as usual the BBC are reporting anti-trade union rhetoric, so much for being impartial.

Police shooting pistols at protesters

This incident got me thinking once again about the fact that just about every nation is trying to enforce some kind of gun control and effectively disarm the population, while on the other hand militarizing the police to control the disarmed citizens. The Irony is that incidents like the Mumbai attack would not have killed so many people if the citizens had been armed and able to defend themselves.

Also the other part of me is asking why do we trust the Police with weapons when it is usually them doing the shooting, although usually in self-defence the but truth is that most of the time we only take the police departments word that they acted in good faith and only in defense.

UK The Model Society

As far as gun control goes the UK is the model society in the fact that we are the most controlled and defenseless society probably in the world Not only is our every move followed by millions of CCTV cameras but we can not carry a weapon or anything that maybe conceived as a weapon at all which is why we are falling prey to the increase in crime. If you look at the statistics for England and Wales they tell you that overall crime is down however read a bit deeper and you see that Violent Crime is going up and as far as I am concerned this is more worrying.No guns sign

Not only do the British people not mind having every aspect of their lives controlled but they also defend it even though it has been proven that CCTV does not reduce crime over the longer period due to the limitations of being able to use an image in court if the person does not have a full face picture and that gun control does not actually stop criminals from accessing guns.

Crime a Reality

The single biggest argument I hear being put forward by anti gun campaigners and pro gun control activists is that by removing guns from our streets you make the streets safer, I only wish this was the case but it isn’t in my opinion I think the streets are far more dangerous with gun control in place largely because the authorities are unable to stop the illegal smuggling of weapons into any country, and as long as we have international trade this will always be the case and this only leaves the honest citizen without any way of defending themselves.

When you look at the crime statistics for the UK you will see that overall crime has decreased and this is exactly what the media like to promote however if you look closer you will notice that serious crime and violent crime are on the increase and I am afraid to say as the financial crisis deepens and people become more desperate I fear this will only increase so the question must be asked why shouldn’t you be able to defend yourself and your family.

Lets apply a common sense view on gun ownership, A bank robber is looking to rob a bank and on the right is the National Bank with no armed guards and on the left is the Grand Bank with guards that are armed with guns which bank do you think he is going to rob? This is exactly the same for just about any crime having an armed presence is a very good deterrent period.

How Did The UK Disarm It’s Populace

On the 13th March 1996 a single man went into a primary school and using four pistols shot and killed 16 children before killing himself this terrible tragedy was the opportunity needed to ban the ownership of hand guns and because of the nature of the incident the legislation was hugely successful and quick in implementing it. A few years earlier in 1993 a small child named Jamie Bulger was taken from a shopping center and murdered by Jon Venables and Robert Thomas and it was largely through the use of CCTV that they was identified and eventually brought to justice. CCTV was from then on seen as the holy grail of crime prevention and we saw an explosion of it use thru out the whole of the UK, however once the criminal aspects of society learned about concealing themselves from the camera the crime prevention side of CCTV had become a moot point the number of CCTV cameras is still being increased to this day.

CCTV footage of jamie bulger being led away

Also in 1993 we saw the murder of Stephen Lawrence in South east London using a knife and again shortly after we saw massive knife control laws brought in quick enough that people would not be able to protest even if they had wanted to. An even more recent incident involving Raul Mote who killed people and blinded a police officer using a shotgun, before they had even caught him they was talking about banning shotguns this time however the law was not put into place but only because the shotgun is a necessary tool in the farming community.

It was these high-profile cases that allowed the British people to be disarmed and continuously monitored by the state without people raising a single eyebrow and interestingly as you may have noticed that each time a different weapon was used and this proves my next point.

The thing is you can ban as many different types of weapons as you want but there will always be those who want to hurt others and nothing will stop them doing that. Britain is the world leader in punishing the many for the actions of the few simply because politician’s are either to stupid or inept to figure out a way to deal with problems and quick action of banning is almost always the first port of call.

Responsible Gun Ownership.

Today in the UK there are only four groups of people who have access to firearms they are the Police the Army, Farmers and Criminals, people will often say why do you need a gun, I reply why shouldn’t I have a gun. It is not up to policy makers and wishy-washy liberals to decide what I can and can’t own it comes down to a simple choice.

Words saying its my choice

Yes we do need strict licensing and governance over firearms and we only give licenses to responsible people who have adequate and safe storage regardless of why they want that weapon. Some people like sports and some use them for stress relief and other just feel more secure the reasons for Gun ownership and arguments against are unfounded at best. Using the current gun licenses we have if you was to allow pistol ownership you would not see a rise in gun crime providing we stick to the already stringent rules that we already have.

The only reason you will only see ever more strict rules is simply to disarm the citizen and remove the threat of insurrection from the populace which as it has been proven in Lybia, Syria and many other nations is irrelevant and unfounded as vast majority of those weapons used were provided by the very government who seek to keep us unarmed and pacified.

What I am talking about is individuals having the right to choose and at the moment we are having that decision made for us.