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If you read a paper or listen to the news these days you will hear people talking about money in the billions and even trillions like its pocket change, now when I was growing up a million of anything was just to big to comprehend so when I hear things like someone is a billionaire I find it difficult to grasp the hugeness of that number.

I have decided to put these numbers in their number form and list them for you to see what I mean when I am talking about big numbers.

1 – one

100 – One Hundred

100,000 – One Hundred Thousand

1,000,000 – Million

1,000,000,000 – Billion

1,000,000,000,000 Trillion

1,000,000,000,000,000 – Quadrillion

In the UK the average low skilled worker will earn approximately £731,000 in their life time to put it another way that is 0.0731% of a billion not even one percent of one billion and we have a current national debt of £1.039 trillion.

Can you imagine what the public reaction would be if I was to put the headline:

UK DEBT HAS REACHED THE £1,000,000,000,000,000 TODAY.

I think that enormity of the number would be so big that people would simply disbelieve and I think this because we are being conditioned daily to accept without understanding big numbers, and this in my opinion is very dangerous for society as a whole as we will continue to spend into oblivion and doom not just our children but our children for the next 1000 years.

I am no mathematician but I think we need to all look again at our Global, National and personal debt and realize that this can not go on and that we cannot allow our governments to continue to print £1,000,000,000,000’s of pounds in quantitative easing that only serves to destabilize society as a whole and line the pockets of the top one percent of the global population.


A rant that is not a rant

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My politics are such that I do not like to adhere to one type of government neither left wing or right wing, I do not believe in the all powerful state but I agree that we need a social safety net. I want to remain a sovereign nation free from overseas intervention but I agree we need to have free trade with all nations. I also believe that all nations should be safe from invasion their neighbors and that stability is the key to growth both locally and globally. And I absolutely believe in the freedom of speech regardless of how it may offend, I would rather live in nation of mature people who would respect others opinion rather than banning those who do speak out. We all have a point of view and some may not like it but we must over come hatred with tolerance not prohibition as I believe this just breeds more discontent, it is time we understand the real meaning of Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me and grow up as a species.

My Current stance on the world is such that I feel the need to write this blog in a way that comes across as sometimes biased and hostile but the truth is I am neither, I do think that western world has begun to move back to its imperialistic roots and is far to keen on big central planning and are hostile to any nations who think otherwise. The western nations believe that they are at the peak of civilization and want to bring the world up to their standards through means of war and reform, However this notion has become corrupted through the want to create a profit in the process and this often leads to violence from people who feel and usually rightly so that they are being manipulated by these mega corporations.

Here in the west we have largely managed to push religion out of the power structure leaving those at the top to make decisions based upon rationale and not spiritual beliefs, some would argue that this has led to the loss of moral ethics and is why we are such a greed based society today, I would argue that we had just as much corruption while the church held power and therefore the argument cancels itself out. I believe that we should all be allowed to practice whatever religion we please but we should keep religion separate from the running of the state.

I do not see the widening gap between religion and politics as a bad thing, what has caused our current way of thinking is the yearning to return to the feudal system that once dominated the European power structure with the Lords and Counts replaced by board members and politicians with the rest of the population serving their pay masters with little or no self worth. Since our divorce from religion the world has flourished and the sciences have enabled us to live a life of luxury in comparison to our predecessors and much of what has been achieved would have never been as many of the modern scientists would have been denounced for heretics and it these people who have allowed the western populations to become infinitely more intelligent than the serfs of yesterday and even the lords that once claimed lordship would be humbled by the knowledge of many we now term poor.

The technology that we have also allows people like myself to write criticisms in the public domain of a system that I rely on and yet have many misgivings about, I do not want to see the west collapse in fact I want the opposite I want the west to continue to prosper but not with a socialistic tyranny which will use all means necessary to control and monitor their populations, it is this that makes me write my blog and only with knowledge will we ever hope to live in a fair world.

When I write a criticism of a country whether it my own or another know that I am criticizing the government policies and not that nations people, I love my country but I do not love all that it does in my name whether its going to war or a social policy such as benefits. The world gets more and more dangerous everyday and their are many who live in total ignorance of this fact and this only possible through the stability given to us by the protection of the security services, but this does not mean that I want to give the same services the right to monitor and detain any it sees as a possible threat, the right to fair trial given to us by the Magna Carta is the most precious thing that was given to the British people and it is this sacred right that protects us and yet this itself could be under threat one day if we do not highlight the misbehaving of the powers that be today.

I will talk against the socialism that is the benefit system and yet defend the need for it as I think that we have to run a fine line between giving people a helping hand back into work and allowing the taxpayer to pay for people who cant be bothered to work. I also think that we should get rid of the National Health Service and yet I am thankful for it  when it saved not only my life but that of my eldest child but I don’t want to see a very expensive health system currently £112 billion a year that is increasingly becoming a system that exerts more on running itself than serving patients, I believe the system to has become bloated to the point where it needs a gastric bypass and not a slimming diet.

A politician said that politicians will not do the right thing because they want to but because they are forced to, it is a sad fact that this is the case and shows the need to reform the old and corrupt system that runs Whitehall but this does not mean that I would like to see a coup that would destabilize the country and we would still end up in a tyranny of warlords. The future must be safe gaurded and thankfully we still live in an era where words are the most powerful way to change things.

If you will take anything from my blog take this:

We have one life and one chance to make things better, Ignorance is worse than failing it means you never tried and for that there is no excuse.

I was watching an interview of the Paxman show on the BBC of Nigel Farage (UKIP), Peter Haine (Labour), David Davis (Conservative) and Paddy Ashdown (LibDem) about the European Union and the question of whether there should be a referedum on should Britain stay in the EU or not.

As usual when watching interviews of politicians its hard to cut through all the bickering and rubbish that spouts from their mouths but the one thing that struck me in the interview was the body language of the four interviewees on the platform, now for obvious reasons the host was separate from the rest and to the left and on the right all four were seated together.

But if you watch the clip you will notice that at first the men are all sitting normally but as the time goes by the Labor, Lib-Dem and Conservative representatives lean away from Nigel Farage the UKIP leader and sort of huddle together, this in itself might not mean much but when you listen to their arguments you will notice that it is clear the three mainstream party members are pro EU and I think feel threatened by the UKIP stance towards Europe.

Whats the Fear

This got me thinking why do they fear UKIP so much and more importantly whats the fear all about, of course UKIP are not a paramilitary organization so its not physical fear and they are not communist so its not political persecution fear then I looked at the biography of all four men and I noticed that Nigel Farage is the only member of the delegation without a military background, although this is not by itself relevant when you look at the class divides in the UK it becomes apparent to me that they are part of the Old School tie network and being a run of the mill commoner Farage is clearly not in their club.

The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour are three of the oldest parties in the British political system and are largely responsible for the current state of the United Kingdom for good or ill and more so the Conservatives and Labour as they have been the ruling parties for the best part of 60 years and in this time they have drip fed us into the European single market ever since the last referendum held in 1975.

From what I can see the battle to free the United Kingdom from the clutches of Brussels is as much a fight against the feudalistic class system here at home as it is against the EU itself, so question must be posed why do the old parties cling to the hope of a Europe United when its abundantly clear that the EU is heading towards a European Federation even though they vehemently deny that they want to be part of any federation.

Its not what they say

When looking at the old parties stance towards Europe it is not what is said but its not what they say that’s important, the avoidance of questions on the issue of the future of Europe should tell us more than what the politicians actually respond to. I am coming to the conclusion that our current leaders including the current coalition are happy to let the UK be dragged into a federal Europe on the future hope that they will become an integral and permanent part of any future federal government.

The problem is that here in the UK the politicians at the heart of government are a very select and close nit group of men and women who have become used to power and enjoy the macro management of the UK and would become a type of civil servant in the state of England and would become not only a permanent part of the system but also a powerful cog in the Federal engine of Europe this would pretty much absolve them of any real responsibility but with the main government so far away give them the freedom to do as they please.

I honestly believe that a Federal Government in Europe would not resolve the class issue but actually worsen it to the point of civil unrest by the way of wealth distribution through a very complex pro business and pro banking tax system that would leave the middle class decimated and the poorer classes in poverty with little or no social mobility.

Centralization is not the key

We have seen since the end of World War 2 a trend towards centralization of governments and wealth but as far as I am concerned centralization is not the key its a disaster. This type of system actually promotes inequalities in a society and a top down government mushroom not only fails to address the needs of the nation but also helps the redistribution of wealth upwards at a ever increasing rate through high taxes and low wages and pro business legislation.

We have become obsessed with the idea that big problems require an even bigger government to the point where nearly half of the British GDP is spent on the running of the state and its various departments, I used to think was down to the incompetence of the politicians I have since realized that it is a clever ploy to ensure the requirement of state intervention for generations to come and this is the danger of the Federal Europe becoming a bureaucratic hell that sees the average citizen forgotten and the voice of democracy pushed so far from the center that it is unlikely to heard.

Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and Labour all favor this type of future for their own political gain, I for one think that the EU is a business entity with a corporate goal Profit and the drive for this goal the individual rights have to be put down to maximize profit and this is why I think we need to be reducing government intervention and to do this we must break the Union and that’s why I think we need common men like Nigel Farage and even more small political parties to help breed competition in Whitehall only then will we really see democracy for what it was supposed to be and the most important question now is should Britain stay in the EU or not.


Over the past few years the world economy has dominated headlines and if India and China are mentioned it is always about their economies but recently a news story was quietly put through and clearly shelved so as to keep interest to a minimum, this story was about India and China resuming military exercises together and effectively creating an Asian Union of self defense.

This would not normally get my attention if was not for the fact that the Chinese military spending hit over the $100 billion dollar mark and that the US has been quietly encircling the region for a few years now and the fact that western media have tried to gloss this over as routine. I think it is no accident that the two Asian power houses have decided to snuggle up to each other for the sake of security.

The world today is very unstable and I think on the verge of a serious  conflict in the middle east based around Iran and Syria, not to mention a possible world depression and if this was to happen the resulting chaos could lead to major disruptions in the worlds shipping and supply lanes and have serious implications on the far east.

I think however the real reason is that the far east has come to fear the US empire because of its unceasing military campaigns through out the world and the fact that the American military can easily outstrip any other technologically by at least a decade the Chinese and Indians have come to feel that only by showing that any war in the far east would be to costly to contemplate that they can remain safe from the unrelenting American foreign policy.

A Lone Giant

After the collapse of the Soviet Union the US was a lone giant in the world but unlike everyone else who began to dismantle the old cold war military establishment the US military expenditure actually grew and while the world spent money on social projects the US surged ahead with research and development of new weapons until in 2001 when the 9/11 attacks took place the United States was able to use its new toys in the real world.

Since then the US war machine has been unrelenting in bringing the world democracy whether it wants it or not and just when there was talk of packing up and sending the troops home the Arab spring arrives sending the American military machine into turbo once again allowing NATO to bombard Gaddafi into submission while rebel troops tore the country apart who then set up a pro western government and using American and British Oil companies to get the black gold out of Libya and onto the open market.

Obviously the lack of a counter balance for the US has resulted in the invasion of countries that were accused but at the time not proven to have been directly involved with a despicable terrorist attack that resulted in the deaths of thousands in the US but also the deaths of millions outside of the America and it would seem that China and India look to be trying to rectify this problem by combining two of the worlds largest military’s on the planet.

Asian Endgame

It still early days so the Asian endgame is not very clear but one thing is certain, the United States attitude to a states sovereignty is clearly not much concern to them if that state cannot defend itself. So it would seem to me that India and China are using the current anti US sentiment to cement local support for an Asian Union that could not only thwart US operations in the far east but maybe even reverse the tide of American influence in the region.

Another way of looking at the world is that the United States are effectively bankrupt and are only being kept afloat by its world reserve currency status, if this was to change and the US was to face collapse due food and oil shortages who in the world today are in the position of stopping them from taking what they need. And I think it is this mindset that has driven the Asian Union together.

When looking at he European Union and the direction it has been taking for the past decade only the a person without an ounce of common sense could not have failed to notice that the EU has been heading towards a federal state and yesterday during the annual state of the union address the European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso officially called for a federal European state.

We have to ask why the sudden honesty and do the leaders of the EU think that Europe is ready to give up individual sovereignty in the face of the current financial crisis, unfortunately I think that the EU has called it right as many of the biggest countries such as France Italy Spain and especially Germany are willing to do just this.

State of the Union

You only have to look at the state of the union to see that something must be done both economically and socially, it was down to the nationalism of the European powers that resulted in two devastating world wars that wrecked europe and it this fear that brought the idea of a European Union into being.

In 195o the European Coal and Steel Community (ECC) was created to tie the European countries together and ensure that wars in Europe would become a thing of the past. In 1957 the Treaty of Rome was signed and this laid the foundations for the modern EU by creating the European Economic Community (EEC).Map of the European Coal and steel Community ECC

In 1973 a referendum was called in the UK and the British public was asked  “Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?” the British people voted 68% yes to stay in the EEC and this would be the last time the The British public would be allowed to decide their fate when it came to Europe.

The current state of the EU is mainly caused by the financial sector and its huge debts that governments thought was a good idea to push onto the tax payers of their respective states causing political rifts to widen enough to threaten the whole of the EU which has caused the new EU government to reafirm its position by making sure the timetable for its political coup is brought in before the whole system can collapse.

Collectivism Vs Individualism

The whole purpose of the EU was and is to create a common market in which all Europeans live a central run collective, so when we look at the EU and the future we have to look at the problem in the light of Collectivism Vs Individualism. Collectivism is the concept that we all live in harmony like were all from one big village but in order to achieve this you must first kill off nationalism and this is the role of social engineering through psychology which has been most successfully through the media.

Here in the west we have an extensive media system that uses TV, Radio and tcollectivism logohe Internet to bombard us daily with advertisements loaded with subtle hints all aimed at getting us to consume but not only this but to get us all to consume the same things and wear the same clothes, This is evident when you look across Europe and see major shopping chains selling very similar if not the same products in once very different countries.

What has all this got to do with politics well the short answer is that the closer our minds come to being the same in our private lives then the closer we are to a conscious connection and therefore will be more willing to accept loosely worded legislation that can fits across the whole of the EU effectively removing borders in our minds so they can be removed in the real world.

The opposite to Collectivism is Individualism this is the mind set that most people strive to achieve a sense of being the only one like you, the problem with this is that governing this type of population is very difficult as you would need different levels of legislation requiring local and regional governments and this would make global governance impossible. This mind set is seen as something of an enemy of the state and has been effectively stamped out in a way which tricks people into thinking that are individual when the reality is that majority of us live in a kind of uniformity and every year this uniformity is changed but is always the same as others in our society thus giving the impression of choice when actually there is none.

Another aspect of the individual mindset that troubles policy makers is the unpredictability of the individual resulting in a unpredictable population and this more than anything else is simple unacceptable to those who believe in long term plans as they are unable to plan effectively for the future. Blue box one indvidual and red box of a collective

Social freedom was something that the Soviet Union tried the best part of 40 years to destroy but even under the totalitarian control of the politburo this was not achievable and was the largest contributor to the final destruction of the communist state so it troubles me deeply that this is exaclty the model that EU seems to be following although this time it is being done via the fake label of freedom under liberal fascism.

Liberal Fascism

Over the past 60 years the people of Europe have become used to peace and social stability but this has come at German Reich eagle holding EU flaga cost and if Barruso gets his way that cost will eventually be total loss of sovereignty. Under the constant barrage of Liberal legislation being handed down in the name of a future European Federation the indvidual has less rights than our forefathers had before world war 2. I do not see this assualt on freedom to abate anytime soon and I predict that once are current heads of state become little more than legislators of a state rather than a coutry we will see an acceleration of this type of government mushroom.

Liberal Fascism is a smiley faced fascism in which the state controls all for the good of the people even if they do not want it, as the saying goes They’re doing it for you. We can see signs of this through the smoking ban and pro human rights laws that trump the rights of others or the newly formed anti-terrorism laws that allow individuals to be detained with little or no evidence on the premise that may in the future commit a crime.

The problem with this system is that it will always revert to tyranny at some point either in the near or distant future you only have to look at the thirties and forties to see this eventuality. Fascism does not mean racism like history has been written to make you believe Fascists seek elevation of their nation based on commitment to an organic national community where its individuals are united together as one people through national identity.  I don’t know about you but to me this sounds a lot like the European Federation’s vision.

Between Now And The Next Elections

The fact that this is now common knowledge means that behind the scenes the plan for the European Federation has already been set and we have between now and the next elections to get our leaders to hold referendums as soon as possible for the people to have their say on their future and the future of our children, I think that the process has been sped up because of France’s election of Francoise Hollande and his socialist pro EU stance the fear is now that the rest of Europe will be voting for leaders who are willing to stand up to the fiction that austerity will get us out of this financial mess.

I also think that between now and the near future we will start to see lots of pro EU rhetoric both from the media and our governments trying to convince us that the EU is the European utopia that they all want us to believe in. The main reasons for this are money the EU is an economic power house with the German superpower being the engine that drives us forward but this is all designed with central planning in mind and that is where vast moajority of the wealth will go to if you would like proof of this then read the European Stability Mechanism’s (ESM) mandate and you will see that once we have a central federal government they can activate this ESM and literally suck the states dry of capital making it impossible for them ever to escape the just like the US states are unable to break their unity.

Whats the Alternative

I know that I paint a bleak picture and I can hear you ask what’s the alternative to a European Federation, But this is exactly what the policies makers want us to think then we will have no choice but to stick together. But the truth is that we do have an alternative there is no reason why cannot have free  trade within Europe and return to our own currencies removing the Euro problem altogether and get rid of the European Union and return to creating our own laws with our own populations in mind but make sure that trade is controlled through European Trade Organization that can ensure we stay the economic power house that we are today.

European unity does not require a European Federation because if I know one thing from history is that today its united Europe tomorrow a united Asia and in the future a Global government. If this is what you envisage as good future then by all means promote the EU but if you think its difficult today trying to get your government to listen how hard do you think it will be when that government is not even on your continent.

I have been looking for a Facebook alternative for a while now mainly because I know that Facebook does not have it’s users interests at heart in fact it uses people purely for profit with little or ethics applied when making decisions that affect hundreds of millions of its users.

So I have found a few Pinterest, Myspace, Tagged and Fubar all very different from Log in page with red arrow pointing to facebook loginFacebook but none quite right for what I want but seeing as the main reason I have been looking around is because of Facebook’s terrible privacy policy that basically leaves individuals wide open to attack from other corporate and media companies in the form of advertising and copyright of your personal photo’s and video some of which are personal.

Interestingly with the exception of Myspace the other sites say they are non corporate and therefore more trust worthy, now I know that nearly all websites are for profit of some kind so I get the whole advertising aspect of the net and how without it the internet would not be sustainable but all of the Facebook alternatives all have one thing in common but this should all be done with the user in mind and not the corporation in question.



All of the so called alternatives allow you to log in using your Facebook account, now this kind of  integration going across websites and platforms is interesting and worrying because Facebook is getting advertising from its competitors who claim themselves non corporate so straight away that rhetoric is actually void and the worrying part is why are facebook able to get themselves on every website out there, as a private company motivated by greed you are giving Facebook staff an online map of your movements and even a free pass to your information from all sorts of different areas I have even noticed a share button on flight intenaries this is just ridiculous and a reminder of how much effort is being put into tracking your movements through social media.

vexed with the lack of privacy

Because I am so vexed with the lack of privacy or more to the point my control of my privacy online I have decided to read through the privacy policy of the supposed alternatives that are claiming to give me greater autonomy compared to the blue behemoth and its poxy like buttons. When I read them I noticed something familiar amongst the various websites by using the Facebook log-in page your agreeing to the Facebook terms and conditions which now apply to your new profile, so in other words by using Facebook to log in I am agreeing to my new website/profile giving Facebook access to information I may not be willing to share which is whole reason I decided I want to leave Facebook in the first place.

When looking for an alternative always read the privacy policy and always create a profile using your email and never log in with another sites credentials it maybe easier but will end up costing you more than a few less seconds, integration is not always a good thing and this is especially true when it comes to your online profiles as not only do you give other sites rights to your new sites but you are also giving them yet more information regarding your online movements.

I was reading a status update on a friends Facebook page and he was saying that we are already in slavery and I tend to agree but this got me thinking when was the British government for the people and I realized that it never was.

I am not quite sure when it happened but at some point in history the peasant class began to believe that the powers that govern us are there to serve us, in fact this a very clever ruse I am sure that when the Labour party came to power in the late forties they was very much for the people and more importantly for the workers but that soon changed.

The modern ruse of government for the people became essential after World War 2 when the middle and the upper classes had been decimated along with the rest of the male population and the population that was left was largely women who had been working towards the war effort doing the jobs that had been male dominated since the beginning and if the men and the government thought for one second that they would be willing to return to servitude of motherhood they had another thing coming.

The side effect to this was for the first time the lower classes had a very high opinion of themselves and was going to be heard and they did this by sweeping a party into power that was at first for them, this would result in the National Health Service plenty of social housing and a school system that was the envy of the world as far as poor people were concerned, this mindset would persist for at least the next 40 years but as time and governments have come and gone the erosion of the lower classes has been as constant as the ocean on cliffs.

By the 80’s the middle class had become much larger and the poorer in society had become used to moving up the social ladder but the rich would not sit idly by and let the class system be dismantled, another thing that happened was that most of people who remembered the bad old days of when the poor got sick they usually died were coming the end of their lives and with that generation went the will to change the political scene.

Counter Revolution

As far as the rich were concerned the poor had become to much effort and something had to be done the answer would be Margaret Thatcher she would lead the counter revolution against the poor and make sure that big business would be back on top in a secure position. She would do this by provoking the unions into industrial action and then use that as an excuse to demolish the trade unions through a mixture of propaganda and violence via the media and the police force as was seen during the coal miners strikes and the poll tax riots.

In the end Thacher won and the Trade Unions were vastly reduced and so was the pay of the commoner through the implementation of high taxes this brutal warfare left its scar in the form of the poor losing the political will to fight and this allowed the Privatization of the UK plc. Although this action did result in a initial economic boom and peoples disposable income was increased if you worked in the private sector but with this came the price of little or no job security and inflation would deminish what money people had available for all but the richest in these classes.

Things were about to get a lot worse in 1997 Tony Blaire blew the conservatives out of the water in a landslide election under the guise of new labor which would become more blue than the Tories and during his ten years in office Tony Blaire not only continued the anti union rhetoric but also implemented a very crafty piece of legislation The National Minimum Wage not only did this piratically stop most low paid workers pay rises but is also legitimized the continued persecution of the lower class by the private business.

New Labour’s biggest legacy would be actually be one of WAR and debt because in our alliance with the US we invaded no less than three sovereign countries resulting in countless deaths and a massive expenditure of public finances that saw many large British and American companies increase their balance sheets, mix this with the continued deregulation of the financial sector and you end up with the 2008 financial crisis.

Although it was the conservatives who gave us the current financial sector by selling off everything that the British government owned it was Labour that continued spending and shoring up big enterprises and then selling off over half of the British Gold reserves at a time when Gold was at its lowest, even the most green economist would have told you this is a bad idea.

Common Misconception

The common misconception that government is for the public is surprising when you look at the history of Britain many people would point to the signing of the Magna Carta when people were freed from serfdom and given protection of the state from persecution was the beginning of a free state for all people, but if you look at the Magna Carta you will notice that many of its clauses have been altered or repealed over the years and only the ones that would cause a revolt to repeal have been kept.

If you speak to a lot a British people about the days of the Empire and you will get this idea that people from all levels of society got something from the spoils of empire but again if you look past the rhetoric you will see that the empire was actually a collection of private business and financial institutions that ruled with an iron fist backed up by their friends  in Whitehall who used the  Royal Navy and British Army as enforcers for these extremely rich people. It was only when the American colonies decided they had enough and rebelled resulting in a brutal war which as we all know was won by the newly called Americans and is now called the revolutionary war of independence.

But this would not be the last time that the British would brutally try to put down any dissent shown by the locals such as the Sepoy mutiny where hundreds of thousands of Indians where massacred only this time the British were victorious. And the list goes on until the final dissolution of the empire in the fifties, and all of this was done by the current parliamentary system that we have with little or no consequences for the ruling elite. The Empire did enrich many British families but not the poorest in society and the most numerous of the country.

Back to the Present

Getting back to the present you can see that the British Government have been doing the bidding of the private companies ever since they had first refused to pay the kings taxes and depose him in a revolt that would allow them to create a system that would guarantee the families at the top could stay there.

The Parliamentarians created a government for the private business that was hijacked by the poor and the Americans created a government that was for the people but hijacked by private business’s and apart from a few set backs in the twentieth century you can see that the mega corporations are back in control and more powerful than ever, although the east India companies have long gone the families that run them live on.

The single biggest problem facing the free men and women of the UK is actually what is not being talked about, in 1992 our government and many others signed up for United Nations Agenda 21 this is the driving force behind much of the pro green pro business rhetoric in the modern western world and other global agreements which give the governments the framework needed to continue to take our rights for the greater good.

Where next

The answer is pretty simple we have become so disappointed with our leaders that we do not see the point in voting any more and not only is this exactly what was wanted but it also dangerous. In the last election nearly all of the middle and upper classes voted resulting in the current Conservative led parliament and it was only the students that upset the apple cart by voting in the LibDems in enough numbers to force a coalition. However due to the total lack of political will power the libdems have proven themselves craven and we are likely to see either a total conversavative or Labour government neither of which have our well being at heart.

What is needed now is a new political class one which is not arcane or corrupt the way the current parties have become and our predecessors showed after the war that this is not impossible and that we the lower and by far the largest section of society can influence the direction in which the country is being taken but first we need to forget the old corrupt parties and look for something new.

Their are many who get caught up in the right wing rhetoric but the truth is this type of mentality is exactly what the current ruling parties want because they know that although people may be angry they are not willing to risk a fascist Hitler style figure rising up and causing a civil war. Although immigration is a problem it is not largest problem facing the average tax payer.

What is actually needed is a party that will listen to what people want and allow the majority to have a say in events that shape all our lives and one that is willing to put into writing a Bill of Rights for the People. We do need a strong immigration policy but also we need expertise from overseas and yes we need to curb the ambitions of corporations while encouraging economic growth and yes we need a safety net of social welfare but only for short periods of time not as a lifestyle and lastly we need to feel safe but at the expense of our freedom.

If you want to change the country start small and big things will happen, any vote used is not a vote wasted just don’t vote for the corrupt mainstream parties that are only interested in keeping the status quo.