A rant that is not a rant

Posted: September 30, 2012 in Blog, nationalism
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My politics are such that I do not like to adhere to one type of government neither left wing or right wing, I do not believe in the all powerful state but I agree that we need a social safety net. I want to remain a sovereign nation free from overseas intervention but I agree we need to have free trade with all nations. I also believe that all nations should be safe from invasion their neighbors and that stability is the key to growth both locally and globally. And I absolutely believe in the freedom of speech regardless of how it may offend, I would rather live in nation of mature people who would respect others opinion rather than banning those who do speak out. We all have a point of view and some may not like it but we must over come hatred with tolerance not prohibition as I believe this just breeds more discontent, it is time we understand the real meaning of Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me and grow up as a species.

My Current stance on the world is such that I feel the need to write this blog in a way that comes across as sometimes biased and hostile but the truth is I am neither, I do think that western world has begun to move back to its imperialistic roots and is far to keen on big central planning and are hostile to any nations who think otherwise. The western nations believe that they are at the peak of civilization and want to bring the world up to their standards through means of war and reform, However this notion has become corrupted through the want to create a profit in the process and this often leads to violence from people who feel and usually rightly so that they are being manipulated by these mega corporations.

Here in the west we have largely managed to push religion out of the power structure leaving those at the top to make decisions based upon rationale and not spiritual beliefs, some would argue that this has led to the loss of moral ethics and is why we are such a greed based society today, I would argue that we had just as much corruption while the church held power and therefore the argument cancels itself out. I believe that we should all be allowed to practice whatever religion we please but we should keep religion separate from the running of the state.

I do not see the widening gap between religion and politics as a bad thing, what has caused our current way of thinking is the yearning to return to the feudal system that once dominated the European power structure with the Lords and Counts replaced by board members and politicians with the rest of the population serving their pay masters with little or no self worth. Since our divorce from religion the world has flourished and the sciences have enabled us to live a life of luxury in comparison to our predecessors and much of what has been achieved would have never been as many of the modern scientists would have been denounced for heretics and it these people who have allowed the western populations to become infinitely more intelligent than the serfs of yesterday and even the lords that once claimed lordship would be humbled by the knowledge of many we now term poor.

The technology that we have also allows people like myself to write criticisms in the public domain of a system that I rely on and yet have many misgivings about, I do not want to see the west collapse in fact I want the opposite I want the west to continue to prosper but not with a socialistic tyranny which will use all means necessary to control and monitor their populations, it is this that makes me write my blog and only with knowledge will we ever hope to live in a fair world.

When I write a criticism of a country whether it my own or another know that I am criticizing the government policies and not that nations people, I love my country but I do not love all that it does in my name whether its going to war or a social policy such as benefits. The world gets more and more dangerous everyday and their are many who live in total ignorance of this fact and this only possible through the stability given to us by the protection of the security services, but this does not mean that I want to give the same services the right to monitor and detain any it sees as a possible threat, the right to fair trial given to us by the Magna Carta is the most precious thing that was given to the British people and it is this sacred right that protects us and yet this itself could be under threat one day if we do not highlight the misbehaving of the powers that be today.

I will talk against the socialism that is the benefit system and yet defend the need for it as I think that we have to run a fine line between giving people a helping hand back into work and allowing the taxpayer to pay for people who cant be bothered to work. I also think that we should get rid of the National Health Service and yet I am thankful for it  when it saved not only my life but that of my eldest child but I don’t want to see a very expensive health system currently £112 billion a year that is increasingly becoming a system that exerts more on running itself than serving patients, I believe the system to has become bloated to the point where it needs a gastric bypass and not a slimming diet.

A politician said that politicians will not do the right thing because they want to but because they are forced to, it is a sad fact that this is the case and shows the need to reform the old and corrupt system that runs Whitehall but this does not mean that I would like to see a coup that would destabilize the country and we would still end up in a tyranny of warlords. The future must be safe gaurded and thankfully we still live in an era where words are the most powerful way to change things.

If you will take anything from my blog take this:

We have one life and one chance to make things better, Ignorance is worse than failing it means you never tried and for that there is no excuse.


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