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Cash Britain

Cash Britain is a new BBC program starting tonight following the pawn broking business in the United Kingdom but does this lighthearted show make light of a very dire situation people find themselves in, I have not watched the program but the very context of it as far as I am concerned is unethical.

The reason I feel this way is that institutions such as the BBC should not be making light of people inability to pay simple things like a train ride but mostly because this is a continuing effort from the media to say to people who are in financial trouble that it is ok to squander what little wealth you have by selling high value items at a fraction of their price for trivial things to be honest.

Free Advertising for Pawn Shops.

This documentary to me is nothing than free advertising for pawn shops and an attempt to remove the taboo around them, for decades shops like cash converters have been on our high streets but unless you literally have no where else to turn to these shops are largely avoided for the selling of items and quite rightly so they know that the people coming through their doors to sell are usually desperate and because the pawn shop is the last stop they always rip you off.

I have seen over the past couple of years since the 2008 crash that adverts are popping up all over the TV advertising we buy your gold and this is one thing because the companies are paying for these adverts to be aired but the documentary cash Britain is being paid for by license payers to the BBC and I don’t think that this show will show that the people who are using these services are being ripped off.

Ethical film producing

When making a documentary the ethics of the content should always be taken into consideration and in this case I don’t  that they have been, its bad enough that we have to sit through condescending adverts about how we can all be saved from debt by taking on more debt or suing the pants off anyone who breathes in your direction but when public corporations take it upon themselves to try and convince us that its fine to sell your family heirlooms at a fraction of their worth I find it upsets me. Many people will be watch this program because it comes from a trusted source and could well be swayed into thinking that its ok to sell what little security you have and that is what I find unethical. Cash Britain for me is the last straw in a long history of TV companies telling us its ok to sell everything that we own and all at a profit to the Auctioneers and now pawn shops.


Metropolitan University Border Agency

In the news today is that fact that the London Metropolitan University (LMU) has lost its Highly Trusted Status (HTS) which is a system that allows the university to issue visa’s for overseas students coming to live and study here in the UK. Apparently it has lost this status on three accounts

  1. More than a quarter of the students sampled were studying at the university when they had no leave to remain in this country.
  2. A “significant proportion” of checked files found “no proper evidence” that the mandatory English levels had been reached.
  3. Universities must know that students are turning up for their course and are not using a student visa to enter the country for work, but more than half of the records sampled suggested the university “just didn’t know” whether students were turning up for classes or not.

These three items seem to me to be the most basic of levels that the University could have failed on so when they release a statement “The implications of the revocation are hugely significant and far-reaching, and the university has already started to deal with these. You can’t help but ask why wasn’t the issues addressed before the license was revoked even after a previous investigation had found similar failings 6 months before.

The University system has long been a way for people from all over the world to come and stay in the UK to earn qualifications and also use us as hub to go and visit the rest of Europe so it really is a great shame that this has come to pass and possibly dented the reputation of the British University system.

The Blame Game

I think the fact that this unprecedented decision has been handed down from the UK Border Agency less than a week after it was blasted for losing over 150,000 immigrants is a blatant attempt at playing the blame game and pushing the spotlight from itself onto the LMU which is not only harmful but a pathetic attempt to justify its own ineptitude.

When I see this story I have to ask the simple question of why are universities allowed to issue visa’s in the first place, the administration staff in these institutes are not trained in detecting anomalies or discrepancies withing the application and I would think that they don’t have access to other universities or immigration records to check for any deliberate patterns, this is something that the UKBA should be doing exclusively, that is what we should be asking why are private institutes acting on behalf of a government authority.

It was not so long ago in the news that people were gaining access to the UK via fake universities that had sponsored them and many I am sure are probably still here working full time, this latest story as far as I am concerned just shows that the UKBA has been asleep at the wheel for a long time so the blame cannot only go to the current set of ministers but the previous government also.

Its now time for the immigration minister Damian Green to wake up and start to look at this problem from a new perspective, revoking the LMU’s ability to issue visa’s should be suspended permanently and also the same should be said for all universities across the UK. When applying for courses all applicants should be first vetted before they can apply for the course that they want and the UKBA should have a serious shakedown getting rid of its incompetent managers who would rather push the responsibility on the universities than themselves.

Overseas students should also have a booklet issued by the UKBA which they have to log all hours worked and also the classes being taken and when so that any variances in attendance at both work and classes can be checked and if any student is found to be working instead of attending classes it should be punished with instant revoking of the visa and all future applications rejected.

I am proud of the United Kingdoms attitude to overseas students and that we allow people from all over the world to come over and I would not have met my wife if it wasn’t for this system but for to long we have allowed the British borders to be a sive for anyone who wants to come and stay on this tiny island. Well as far as I can tell the Metropolitan University Border Agency is one large hole that has been plugged and stay plugged.

I do feel sorry for the innocent students who have been dragged into this diplomatic tussle and I hope that all the students who are found to be genuine see their Visa’s reissued without charge and those who were found to be abusing the system they should be deported without delay and a automatic rejection list formulated as a warning to others that we will not tolerate abuse of our education system.

Facebook Gold Accounts

Since the inception of the public internet fraud has always been present largely due to the anonymity given by the net and a lack of regulation allows this kind of behavior to continue unabated, whether its an African prince needing £30,000 to get his or her 50,000,000,000 out of a locked account or this new one of convincing people that Facebook now offer paid subscription which is doesn’t.

This is the darkside of the World Wide Web but the one thing I love the web for is it is a place still ruled by the law of common sense, Most people fall into online fraud because they wanted something for nothing and ended up paying out their life savings instead.

Yes their are hackers and organized crime syndicates but these largely are interested in the bigger fish such as government, financial and sites which hold databases of personal information. On the whole your simply not that important and the only time your likely to come into contact with a hacker online is when they use your computer in spam attacks which you will never even know about.

Staying Safe Online

The best way to stay safe when using the internet is to think before you act, Firewalls and Antivirus programs can only do so much if you suspect a website may have harmful content stay away, if you receive an email from or woolyworths asking you to confirm your account details don’t click on the link in fact when ever I receive emails from banks the first thing I do is check the address from where it was sent.

The truth is that internet is a great tool but as the Facebook Gold Accounts scam shows you still cant be to careful and I will say this be wary of asking for legislation to govern internet websites as once we start down that path the price we end up paying may just be to high. I certainly don’t want to see PC licenses imposed as a tax for the governments protection that is sure to accompany any attempt from the authorities to police the web.

Use your common sense and stay safe.

Agenda 21 Global Greenprint agenda 21 cover

In 1992 the United Nations convened the Earth Summit in Rio to announce the Agenda for the 21st century it would be an action plan a global greenprint for a sustainable future of the human race. What is written on the first page describes what Agenda 21 is:

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

And to just to reassure you that this is not all government hype and empty promises at the bottom of the page it goes on to say:

The full implementation of Agenda 21, the Program for Further Implementation of Agenda 21 and the Commitments to the Rio principles, were strongly reaffirmed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 26 August to 4 September 2002.

In 1995 the UK started the environment agency and you may have noticed that exactly ten years after the 1992 summit the world leaders were made to publicly and openly promise that were going ahead with their commitments for Agenda 21.

Why Is Agenda 21 Different

The question I know on most people’s lips will be why is agenda 21 different well unlike most plans that are implemented on a national scale this a very serious and dedicated approach by using all levels of society Global is the use of UN and UNESCO then Nationally by using local government, parliaments and places like the European Parliament and then locally this includes local authorities such as councils and the local population via our children and indoctrination.

Hold on one minute local population I didn’t know about this and your right, I found out about Agenda 21 by accident through a documentary and most people have never even heard of this plan. But I bet you have heard of the UK youth parliament and may have even noticed that companies and the government has taken massive interest’s in getting more youth and more women into key positions within private and public companies, the reason for this shift in decades old policy is not because of a change of heart it is all to do with Agenda 21 which dictates that special emphasis must be put on women’s rights and youth input.

The main reasoning that I can see behind this strategy is because youth and women have always been the more radical and readily acceptable to change than men as you will have seen for example in the sixties when majority of protests were held by young students or women’s groups, rarely do you ever see men in the 30-55 age group who are willing to upset the apple cart as the dominant members of society well until recently anyway and this is why this agenda is so different and successful.

Greener You Get The Redder You Get

I have quite a few reservations about the current political interest in climate change as the greener you get the redder you get as the people in charge keep centralizing and adding more and more rules and regulations which was main drive behind communism and central planning, when you read through Agenda 21 you will notice the references to things like population control regulation and human resources. No longer do the powers see us as people but as a resource that needs to be controlled and regulated for our own good and the good of the environment which is now being given the same rights as humans under Agenda 21.

I see this whole process like the ripening of a tomato its starts small and green and ends up large and green swastikared but then the tomato becomes to heavy for the stem and it falls to ground and rots this is what I see happening to the new socialist sate of the United Nations, does it not seem coincidental to you that no sooner than Soviet Russia falls (1990-1) than we have a new big idea to consolidate the world power and resources into the hands of a small group of individuals. All of those short sighted leaders who signed up to the global world order that will eventually enslave us all never really saw that UN was only reimplementing the socialist model of collective farming and the concept of Population control and central planning but this time all in the name of sustainability.

Reading Between The Lines

I would like to break down to individual terms used within agenda 21 and try to decipher what was actually meant when it was written.

  • sustainable development this mean that we will all need to be carbon neutral as private property signin we will not be allowed to do anything that may hinder nature and will need to be authorized by central planning.
  • States have decided to establish a new global partnership is the nicer way of describing a single world government aka a New World Order.
  • eco-sensitive zones restricted areas set aside for nature, No one knows just how big these reservations will be.
  • Human Resources this is a term widely used and in its rawest form mean that humans are just a resource to be used until no longer needed.
  • land-use policies strict rules that will govern any use of any land notice that this does not differentiate between and public and private land use.
  • human settlements the fact that this term is only one I could find referring to where people would live makes me think of gulags and labor camps.
  • Smart Growthis heavy regulation on any future population centers and strict control of humans.

Overall the above shows that according to the UN we take up to much space use to many resources and require intensive legislation to ensure that we do not continue to hurt the environment. At first glance this would seem like a good idea but when you read further you will notice that they always relate these problems to the proletariat or the working class and poorest in society.

Common Good Or The Rights Of The Community

When you look at the common good or the rights of the community you see that this is the assassination of the individual and that whenever you do something as an individual you will be seen as selfish or anti social and you will see that view of the greater good will be always be set against the will of the individual and this is otherwise known as mob mentality. A good example of this is the constant demonizing of the private car and promotion of public transport as the savior to all our problems.

The problem with the common good is that it almost always hinders the rights of the individual and when its put on a national scale like in the EU were Greece is being pushed out to save the rest of the common market you get gross actions by people who if put on the spot would act otherwise. It is easy to say kill a goat so that the group can eat especially if it is not you doing the killing, its not so easy when its you killing the goat so you can eat but from a government perspective it is great as it absolves all individuals of personal responsibility making hard choices very easy which could lead to atrocities in the name of the common good you only have to look at the situation in the Gaza strip to see the effects of the common good mentality.

The rights given to the individual are very specific and therefore very difficult to amend without having to fight and impossible without absolute justification, the rights of community on the other hand are merely guidelines and easily amended which leaves you as the individual very vulnerable as it is the ruling elite who dictate what is the required needs of the masses at that given time and are subject to change depending on circumstance regardless of how this may impact on you personally.

What is the purpose of Agenda 21

We all have to ask ourselves the question of what it he purpose of Agenda 21 at first you will say well its to make sure the human race survives, and I would be inclined to agree to a point I however think that the real purpose of agenda 21 is to control people to the point of slavery a kind of futuristic feudalism based around protection of the environment, every page of Agenda 21 makes reference to new organizations and new rules and new regulations that will or should be implemented to save us but not once does it make reference to the rights of the individual.

The single minded purpose of Agenda 21 is the saving of the environment regardless of the social cost and if you think I am being paranoid then read this:

“Smart Growth promotes well-designed, compact, functional communities and rejects land-hungry sprawl and wastage of greenfield land.”

which means that anyone living outside of a city is an unacceptable risk to the environment and therefore needs to be removed. Pro Agenda 21 lackeys always use the term “promotes” this is in fact a veiled threat what it actually means is that you will conform or else be punished.

But all this mindset cannot come just from saving the environment so what is it, well I think that it is a very carefully orchestrated plan to get us all to conform to the idea that we are the cancer we are the ones causing the ills in our society and the environment. Governments by design are power hungry and are constantly looking for ways in which to eradicate the very thought that you or me are individuals because this equates to those in power that your an anarchist and that you reject authority so must be marginalized and Agenda 21 is the perfect framework to ensure the continuation of the centralized government.

Implementation of the Eco-world

Agenda 21 is a soft-kill weapon which has been infiltrating our society for two decades and I have found evidence of this Ecoterrorism everywhere I have looked from the government and the Environment Agency to my local council. The Agenda for the 21st century is being implemented Globally Nationally and Locally through legislation, think tanks and even through our children this is unrelenting and will succeed if we allow it to. The whole reason this is being done so slowly is to keep it in the shadows so that the ground work can be laid without hindrance as it has been for many years already. I ask you this though if this is so good for us all and the end result will be a green utopia with no poverty why keep it secret?

EUsurveillance with all seeing eyeThe other area of implementation is the destruction of agriculture we have seen systematic destruction of the farming industry either by design or neglect and the only reason for this that I can see is to corner the market with a small number of big Aggro companies such as Monsanto who can use genetically modified crops to feed these future super metropolis of Human Settlements at a huge profit. In the next few years we will see more and more crop failures caused by erratic weather patterns and companies who GM products will come save the day with crops that we have no idea of the long term effects but when hungry we will accept these overpriced products happily.

If you think that the common person will be content in these new super cities your wrong, we will be worked to death or exiled into the wilderness to die from exposure, in fact you can see truth of this in the way that city states used to operate in ancient Greece. As a commoner you will be required to work to justify your existence and if you cannot provide for yourself you will starve and there will be nowhere to run to as this is a Global plan.

What does the Future hold

The inconvenient truth is the word is overpopulated for the current way in which our species survives so we do need a change in direction but not to the point in where we live in centralized population zones being zipped from city to city by 300mph trains with no interaction with nature, I think that if we do not wake up we will see small towns and villages populations relocated into urban cities and that the brave new world that Aldous Huxley envisioned one where humans are bred for specific purpose based on the societies requirements and only the Alpha’s or the elites would be allowed to have enjoyment outside of work hours.

The future is certainly bleak if we don’t adapt when the finite resources to run out billions will starve and the planet will descend into a mad max style chaos and it would take two or three thousand years for us as a species to recover if ever and if we accept the socialist centralized plan that is Agenda 21 we are likely to be slaves while the top one percent live like kings as they did in communist Russia until it either collapses through excess or kills off most of the world population in an attempt to retain superiority.

red man standing out from the crowd

But there is a third way, we have an era of personal responsibility we take it upon ourselves to stop pointlessly wasting our planets resources we take the initiative and most importantly we stand up and defend the rights of the individual. For over twenty years this has all been done in open secrecy so lets lift this veil and talk about Agenda 21 and what it means for us a species for the biggest weapon we have is education, take responsibility and educate yourself read up on this socialist Eco-terrorism that could end up with us living under tyranny disguised as the common good. If you take anything from this article understand this you can bury your head in the sand if you want but this will continue until you can no longer ignore it.

I would like to say to people who live in the cities don’t think it will not affect you as we city dwellers use the most amount of energy per head than anyone else in the world and to those living rural areas this affects you in the way that you have more land then anyone else and the Green agenda wants to reforest as much as they can, We do need to act individually but we can all shout together to be heard. A football crowd is a crowd of 20,000 individual voices singing the same song if we can do that on this Agenda and show the world that green is the new red then maybe we can salvage something from this train wreck.

Other links to see if you want to know more

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G4S and UK Plc

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G4S and UK plcBack of security gaurds Uniform

First of all who is G4S or more to the point what is it, well they are a multinational organization dealing in many different areas of the corporate world and they have massive dealing with the British government and I would go far as to G4S and UK Plc are one and the same in the sense of the services they offer or should I say that we pay for and G4S run for a profit.

I would like to point out that until the Olympics scandal I was aware of G4S but not really paying attention to them or what they are doing until I watched a video blog by someone on here that I really cant remember right now but if I find I will edit into this post (sorry) regarding G4S and the government. So I decided to look into them myself and for the first time I realized that they pretty much run the country through their various contracts with downing street.

At first glance when you look at privatization it looks like a good way to save money but lets take another angle, lets say privatization is the primary way of the politicians passing contracts to their crony pals while guaranteeing themselves a future job in the form of consultancies and with the added bonus of absolving them of all illegal or unsavory activities that may occur.

What does the G4S do for the UK

Well G4S does just about everything for the UK and below are just a sample that I got from their website

  • Prison Guards
  • Prisoner Transfers
  • Security Vans including the Bank of England money transfers
  • Government Building Security
  • Child Services (or for old people Social Services)
  • Defence sites including the basic training of British army personal (although I have not been able to confirm this)
  • Also back of house police staff and soon to be front of house police staff G4S shoulder badge for Lincolnshire police
  • School administration
  • Airport and ship port security
  • Private courier service
  • Security for Critical National Infrastructure including Gas Electricity Oil Refineries and Nuclear site.

Now whatever you may think about privatization this looks like a list of things that any government should be doing themselves especially when they are stealing at least a third of our monthly income to pay for all this. I know a little something about the tendering process and this alone costs millions so how they can justify saving is beyond me.

Why is this such an issue

Most people like myself would not usually batter an eyelid at the fact the we have privatized literally everything in the country from Hospitals and Police to transport and if wasn’t for the simple fact that it seems to be that all the contracts are going to the same place and even the current MP who makes alot of the decisions Teresa May’s husband has majority shares in the company.

When the Olympic scandal as it being called came about the company they released a press statement saying that they knew they would struggle to fill the vacancies because they intentionally left the recruitment until the last few months before the Olympics started and then when you look into the history of the company and you will see that they have a catalog of mistakes and errors including allowing prisoners to escape custody although you may not remember this as they were called Group 4 back then to the statements of former staff admitting that they did not even properly vet security personnel for the Olympic games because of time constraints. So my question is how do they continue to get the contracts unless of course its an intentional failing to get troops on the streets of London to get people used to the sight of having the army in the streets. Troops in front of Olympic park

The more I look into G4S the more I see a shadowy organization with far to close ties to the Government and if you have read my blogs you will see that I do not like the way that our politicians are leaning towards more dominant and almost soviet measures to control and pacify the population, Unlike the elected officials private companies are not bound by oaths to protect and to serve in the public interest they are only bound by profit margins and shareholders.

The US currently has the largest prison population in the world and they have seen a year in and year out increase since the inception of private for profit prisons because if your paying me for each individual prisoner for the duration of their stay it is not in my interest to rehabilitate them. In the United Kingdom G4S currently run a prisons for profit systems and now they are moving into the police also for profit,so I ask how long will it be before they are arresting and sentencing for profit people like you and me for minor infractions that surely is a conflict of interest.

G4S and the OCP dream

OCP sign with G4S on a blue background

Watch the eighties movie Robocop and you cannot help but to draw parallels with OCP a private corporation that pushes and pushes boundaries in order to get better government contracts but also pushing the city into anarchy in order to justify bigger and more expensive projects and G4S. Granted so far I have not seen this from the largest security firm in the world but you do have to admit that the opportunity for billion pound would probably be to much to resist.

If you think I am being paranoid about the ethics of big multi national corporations then I will ask you to look at the banking sector and see how they have committed mass fraud with total disregard and no legal repercussions at all and they have literally stolen millions from working taxpayers including savings and pensions that we will never see again. Now apply this to big to fail formula politicians love so much to a company that not only secures our national games but is linked into every single level of the national infrastructure you get a frightening conclusion that G4S is to bog to fail and would never be punished for infractions or outright illegal activity as you see with the Umbrella corporation in the Resident Evil series and yes I know that these are fiction but they are also a possible fact.

Privatizing enslavement the NWO for profit.

If we do see a civil liberty curve from the powers that be it will be done by this or a re branded version of this private firm in the form of paid militia and security services and temporary internment camps which by the way are commom practice in regions like Afghanistan by private defense contractors and if it fails then government is safe because unlike the British Armed services that requires direct orders from the Prime minister private corporations only have a list of directives to follow so that ruling party can say we didn’t know anything about it using plausible deniability and thanks to the media people are now so vegged out that they would fall for it.

We are not yet at the point where corporations can completely get away with doing things that are illegal but the fact that not a single person has been prosecuted over the Libor rigging scandal shows that the point of no return is looming ever nearer, and do you want to end up in a world where your children are kidnapped by the children services, molested and then forced into crime only to be arrested by the Police and then put into private prisons all run by the same company who are doing this for a profit.Pound sign surounded by N W O

I may be being paranoid but I would call you naieve if you did not think that this could  and may happen if we do not keep track of these very secretive dealings between private business and the elected public officials. The Government and its services are their to serve you and not the other way around but when profit is involved this will become the driving force behind supposedly public services because once this happens it will be here forever.

The only motive that can keep politics pure is the motive of doing good for one’s country and its people. Henry Ford

“The history of the twentieth century was dominated by the struggle against totalitarian systems of state power. The twenty-first will no doubt be marked by a struggle to curtail excessive corporate power.” Unknown

Is Germany a Superpower

The definition of the word Superpower is – “A very powerful and influential nation” If we look at the modern German state we can indeed see that she is a very powerful nation and without doubt influential.

Dresden ruined

The question needs to be asked though as to how a nation that was little more than a smoking ruin in the aftermath of World
War two and even split into two seperate coutries for over thirty years was still able to come out on top as the undisputed European superpower.
To understand this we must first look at the political lanscape in the aftermath of the second world war. On the west side of Europe was a collection of bankrupted and gutted nations backed the emerging United States of America (USA) and in the east you had a power hungry lunatic known as Josef Stalin who had took his people from the verge of defeat to becoming the second super heavy weight of the world.
It was decided by the US and her allies that the threat of socialism was a bigger threat to the freedom of the capitalist regime than a newly rearmed Germany would be. This decision would see the largest infrastructure projects in world using billions of US dollars to show the people in east just how good living in west was.

Rise The German Phoenix

Above I explained some of the reasoning behind the decisions taken to rebuild what has been the single most destructive force in European history. Until 1990 it was seen as a good and prudent move to hold off communist expansion but then came the collapse of the Soviet government and with a new opportunity for Germany Reunification. The decision to reunify Germany was and is considered by many the right thing to do afteral but as we have seen many times in history the road to hell if often paved with good intentions. Since the reunification German’s have striven to undo much of the damage done in west Germany by the often brutal stasi and raise the living standard of western Germany in alignment with the eastern half and in doing this they have created a happy and contented work force who are willing to do the hard graft that has allowed the Bundesrepublik Deutschland to become the undisputed champion of the European market.
Euro currency signSince the introduction of the single currency Germany has seen a rise in prominence with Frankfurt being the home of the Eurpean Central Bank (ECB) and even more so since the financial crisis began in 2007/8 with Germany being the main financial backer for the currency although I am sure the Germans could not have forseen the 2007/8 what was coming they have done amazingly well out of the crash in regards to the fact that they alone are now the leaders of the once evenly distributed power system of the Eurozone. Amschel Rothschild once stated –  
Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws. 
This can also be applied to the European Union and probably even more so as the main problem with the Euro is that unlike most of the worlds currencies is that it is not backed by Gold and the country in the single currency with a largest Gold reserves is you guessed it Germany.

Merkel Warns Of WAR In Europe

Just before a EU summit to decide on a 1 Trillion euro bailout Angel Merkel stated “Another half century of peace and prosperity in Europe is not to be taken for granted. If the euro fails, Europe fails” was this comment from Merkel just saber rattling or was it a quick glimpse under the smiling mask however she meant it her point got across and the bailout was approved.
Merkel has long been an ardent defender of the Euro and rightly so because as the EU slips further into the German financial shadow the closer to a Federal European state we are getting. I have now seen from the private sector calls for Tax harmonization which would effectively mean that the new European Stability Mechanism or ESM a shadowy and extremely powerful organization would become the new central bank for all of the nations currently in the Euro.
Interestingly enough the very same year that the Euro went live as a stock market currency the German Bundestag moved back into the new completed Reichstag the building famously burned down by Hitler to secure his rise to power and not to mention that for the first time Germany has also become a member of the  United Nations Security council which could pave the way for legitimate rearming to fulfill its new obligations on the world security stage, now I for one don’t believe in coincidences but these are to big to simply ignore.
Which ever way the Euro goes whether manages to survive and makes a remarkable come back under the guise as currency for the newly formed European Federal state either based or strongly influenced through the newly built Reichstag or it falls and the EU fragments Germany will still find itself the central power once again in Europe if not the world. Unlike most of its neighbours Germany has a massive exporting economy and also is a well organized infrastructure with plenty of heavy industry to back it up which could allow it to rearm itself very quickly just as it did in the 1930’s.

Fourth Reich A National Issue

Hiltler posingIn 1918 Germany was finally defeated in the war that was to be known as the Great War or the war to end all wars and to stop this from happening again the League of Nations convened and harsh penalties were imposed on Germany in the Treaty of Versailles 1919, this included the dismantling of the Hapsburg dynasty, huge fines and also the prohibition of a standing army. This however served to cause much resentment and outright hostillity from the German public who bore the brunt of most the economic penalties imposed on the fatherland and with that allowed the rise Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party who promised social stability and the restoration of the German people to a place of prominence and By 1939 he had created a dictatorship and a bustling war economy giving the people of Germany back their dignity but this had all been turned to ruins through the six years of World War II in which the armies of the Wehrmacht fought on all sides for the supremacy of Europe and the Aryan dream.
 I am sure like myself many you reading this have grandparents who were children during the war and great grandparents who almost certainly fought or were in someway involved in the war effort and have heard many stories of glory and horror in equal measure, Well the German people have this also and they have in many ways a much more harrowing tale of defeat which included many instances of rape and murder of German citizens by allied forces which will have left its mark on the German psych not to mention the harsh economic difficulties imposed on them after the war and the outright brutality of the mass deportations of millions of civilians in western Germany to the far reaches of the USSR which were wrongly never publicly condemned or criticized by Allies.
I am not for one minute proposing that we will see a return of the swastika or the Hitler Youth but we must also remember that twice in the last century we saw the death of countless millions at the hands of German imperialism and we must be wary of Germans bearing gifts in form of financial help if we are to keep ourselves safe.
German Nationalism Last Man Standing
Germany is the financial backer of the Euro and the Greeks quickly learned this when they lost their national sovereignty in the form of a troika sent to oversee the Greek economy and effectively tell the Greek government what is can and cant do, this seems to me very similar to the Soviet model of having advisers that did more ordering than advising.
EU flag with german flag in center
Italy, Ireland and Spain are already being measured up for noose we have to ask are we going to see the same soviet style troika’s sent to these countries I for one cannot see why not seeing as it has been largely successful in Greece as far as the EU is concerned and how many more members of the Eurpean Union will have the same fate, I should imagine many of them if not all.
But this is not all plain sailing as we have seen in Greece the proletariat do not respond well to having their sovereignty removed from them by an unelected troika and quickly send a message through the polling booths by ousting the ruling party, We have also seen a major increase of Right-wing political parties of many western nations and as we continue to have our belts tightened by the ongoing economic crisis that seems to have no end and a politcal elite that seems to be so out of touch with the reality of the very people voting for them we will see a slide toward more reactive politics favoured by the right-wing parties.
All of this bodes well for Germany as it will only increase its position as the leader, and how is this so? well simply put it will be the most politically stable state in the Union and therefore more attractive for investors and thus making the nation and its people richer. People simply do not rebel when things are going well and this is Germany’s ace in the whole.
I for one do not know if this has happened by design or Germany is simply filling a  void reluctantly but Germany does seem to be destined for the top spot as two world wars have not been able to shake the foundations of this seemingly indestructible economic powerhouse, But I will be watching warily and hoping that our leaders are not asleep at the wheel as their predecessors were in the twenties and thirties all I can say is watch this space as we bear witness to the rise of the German Superpower and the birth of the European Federal state that seems to me inevitable at this point.

Big Brothers Little Brother

In the novel 1984 by George Orwell helicopters and CCTV in flat screen monitors are used to monitor every aspect of the daily lives of the citizens of Oceania, interestingly enough Orwell wrote this book before these things even existed and was banned in the UK for many years so when I read that the United Kingdom is preparing to use unmanned drones to hover above us and snoop on our daily business I cant help but feel like Big Brother really is watching.Police officer using a remote controlled drone

Many people will say that worrying about this is paranoia and that if you have nothing to hide then you needn’t worry, well I say this we should worry especially when the people who are deciding whether what you’re saying or doing is illegal are the very same people who write the laws. Here in the UK we have become overly relaxed about what the state is doing on our behalf in the name of safety and if we do not start looking soon we may find ourselves in a Liberal prison from which there truly is no escape.

To UAV Or Not To UAV

I can understand that the usage of UAV’s will continue to increase but I think they should only be used in a military capacity and never in a civilian one where the possibility of abuse is increased. The usage of surveillance in Britain is now at a point where you will not go a single day without your face and details being logged. I will attempt to give you an idea of what I meanmen monitoring cctv screens

  • All modes of transport now have CCTV including many taxis and stations.
  • Every major and many minor streets have CCTV all linked into a national system.
  • Supermarkets and shops use reward cards to monitor your purchases and also have CCTV in stores.
  • Smart card systems for traveling track your movements and patterns.
  • Any mobile handset with GPRS activated is constantly tracked by local phone masts even if switched off. This includes mobile phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Credit/Debit cards track every purchase you make.
  • Your IP address is logged at every site you visit.
  • Every piece of electronic information sent within the UK is now kept in a database for 3 years in case needed for legal reasons.

Every single example I have given above all use the internet and mobile networks to transfer data, and if you add face and voice recognition software currently in use to this very intricate system and you can track every person in the United Kingdom from a laptop. This type of information is is very dangerous if the political landscape was to change from passive to hostile.

Surveillance State

The point I am trying to make is that we now live in a surveillance state and we don’t really know how that information is being used to monitor and manipulate us. I even think it was a deliberate ploy to get us used to the concept of 24 hour surveillance through the aptly named Big Brother series which first aired just as CCTV was coming into full force even though crime figures show that it does nothing to reduce crime. If you think that in the TV show the people in the house were totally at the mercy of the producers people who they had never met and if so inclined could have made the house mates lives a living hell. Now apply that to modern society and you have the soviet state that Stalin truly craved.Caption of Big Brother is watching you ever Obama's face

We are living in a world where our every move and word both written and spoken are not only monitored but recorded and documented, this is not science fantasy or conspiracy theory but fact, and we the people are becoming increasingly ignorant of this fact because of careful manipulation of the media system. Today is it not illegal to say that our politicians are fools but tomorrow it may be against the law and I might even find myself vaporized for this very article. My hope lies in that we can stop this constant invasion of our privacy today so we don’t live to regret it tomorrow.